2. Whale flippers, frog forelimbs, and your own arms most likely evolved from the front flippers of an ancient jawless fish. In convergent evolution, species evolve from the different species but develops similar characteristics, like wings of birds and insects. The process of evolution proceeds as generations continue to differ from their ancestors.

Wing of insect and bird and bat. All these structures evolved from one primal stock of ancestors. The divergent evolution is defined as the process in which the groups having the same ancestor evolve and accumulate differences and the result comes as the formation of new species..

Convergent evolution- 1. Divergent Evolution is the accumulation of differences between groups which can lead to the formation of a new species. Divergent evolution of these duplicates has been observed in different fish lineages and might correspond to a major mechanism driving biodiversity and speciation in fish. So, divergent evolution is the creation of new species through accumulation of many small ‘changes’ that have originated as a result of the natural selective pressures.

The differences are produced from the different selective pressures. Divergent evolution Wikipedia. This is an important statement (as will be evident when we take a look at convergent evolution vs. divergent evolution). Adaptive radiation is one of the examples of divergent evolution. Nature offers many examples of divergent evolution.

A common example of divergent evolution is the vertebrate limb. * Examples of convergent evolution overlap with those of Analogous organs, and examples of divergent evolution overlap with those of Homologous organs. Fish genomes contain many families of active transposable elements that can have very different activities in different fish lineages, thereby generating genomic and phenotypical diversity. Examples of divergent evolution include limbs of vertebrates, the side fine of whale, wings of bat and paws of a cat. The divergent evolution can from a response to change in Abiotic factors like a change in environmental conditions or when a new niche available. Adaptive radiation is one of the examples of divergent evolution. Any genus of plants or animals can show divergent evolution.

Divergence can occur when looking at any group of related organisms. Examples of divergent evolution . Divergent evolution. Convergent vs. divergent evolution. One of the most dramatic, well-known examples of divergent evolution is found within the evolutionary history of cetaceans. One of these paths of macroevolution is called divergent evolution.In divergent evolution, a single species interbreeds, either through natural means or artificially chosen traits and selective breeding, and then that species begins to branch off and become a different species. If a freely-interbreeding population on an island becomes separated by a barrier, such as a new river, then over time the organisms may start to diverge. Essentially the two new species created will diverge from each other as they further evolve. 3. The evolution of species is largely influenced by environmental factors and predation activities. Eye of octopus and man.

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