Welcome to u47.org, the first web site to be dedicated to the history of the WWII German Type VIIB submarine U-47 and its legendary commander, Knight's Cross holder Korvettenkapitän Günther Prien, the man behind the sinking of the prize British battleship Royal Oak. Prien became world famous for sinking the British battleship HMS Royal …

The loss position of U-47 ( which may have exploded underwater )is vague but is near the Rockall Bank, 200 miles off Skye in the North Atlantic.
Günther Prien (16 January 1908 – presumed 8 March 1941) was a German U-boat commander during World War II.He was the first U-boat commander to receive the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and the first member of the Kriegsmarine to receive the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves of Nazi Germany.It was Germany's highest military decoration at the time of its presentation to Prien.

Over this period, it accounted for thirty-two enemy vessels, thirty-one of which were merchant ships (not counting shared successes). U-47 was a German U-boat commanded by Günther Prien, one of the great U-boat aces of the Second World War.

After an explosion was seen underwater, it was assumed that the U-boat had been damaged and sunk by depth charges. Smart News Keeping you current Wreck of Nazi Germany’s Most Advanced U-Boat Discovered Sunk in 1945, U-3523, a Type XXI sub, may have been attempting to smuggle high-ranking Nazis to Argentina This is a notoriously inhospitable area and, worse still, the Rockall Trough is nearby. U-47 carried out 10 separate patrol missions, spending a total of 238 days at sea until its sinking on 7 March 1941. During one of its patrols, the ship and its crew disappeared after being attacked by British destroyers. U-47 (Prien) was never heard of after her attack on British Whale factory Terje Viken and was probably sunk by escorts chasing her. This is 9000 feet deep and has been the dumping-ground for much nuclear rubbish including other submarines.

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