Over the years, work hasn't stopped and at several stages a new, improved version was sold, which, until recently, took us to WOFF Version 3. Wings Over Flanders Field started off as a WWI modification called Over Flanders Field for Microsoft CFS3. 'Phase 1' was released in December 2005 after some years of development. 1,205 12,129 To Backup Pilot . NOTE: The contents of this site have been created by users of OFF, WOFF or WOFF UE and are not endorsed or supported by OBD. So went one mission in my Australian pilot’s Wings Over Flanders Field campaign. Over Flanders Fields! 5. Credit to any other user input for the mod.

3. Wings Over Flanders Fields: Ultimate Edition OBD Redefines modding by Transcending it By "CaptSopwith" Introduction For the better part of the last decade, Over Flanders Fields has represented one of only a few First World War flight simulations. Version 3 also had some expansions - DLC yet again adding new planes and features to an already superb sim. It’s been nearly five years since I reviewed the original Over Flanders Fields and, with this new release of the simulator, it’s time to revisit the front and engage in some good old-fashioned air-to-air combat during the Great War.

4. Wings: Over Flanders Fields - Technical Issues (6 viewing) Last Post 3 hours ago, by JJJ65. For example OBD created aircraft for a texture or Flight Model (FM) mod. JJJ65 - 3 hours ago. Wings: Over Flanders Fields - Mods (4 viewing) Last Post 21 hours ago, by … 98 2,108 Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS ... Polovski - 04/12/20 12:53 PM. It is free of charge. Do not include any other OBD created objects with the mod - just the basic files to get it to work. Download is not possible anymore due to excessive server bandwidth but a DVD can be obtained via the DVD Request Thread on the official OFF Forum. 'Phase 2' was released in March 2007. Ensure full credit of copyright is given to OBD, and a link is included to the 'Wings Over Flanders Fields' website. Wings: Over Flanders Fields - FAQs & Reference (3 viewing) Last Post 04/12/20 12:53 PM, by Polovski.

Welcome to the Third Party Mods download page for the World War 1 flight simulator 'Wings Over Flanders Fields', as created the Old Brown Dog (OBD) team.

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