There are only a few thousand professional astronomers in the U.S. Others work at NASA or, like me, with companies that work with NASA, or at the National Observatories.

Astronomy is a science where astronomers observe physics at work throughout the universe!

Many are professors at colleges and universities.

Astronomers may need to work at odd hours to observe celestial phenomena, particularly those working with ground-based telescopes. Work Environment. — Astronomy is a collaborative effort.

In 1887 astronomers from around the world pooled their telescope images in order to create the first map of the entire sky.

Most astronomers concentrate on a particular question or area of astronomy: for example, planetary science, solar astronomy, the origin or evolution of stars, or the formation of galaxies. About ten percent of all astronomers work in business or private industry.

What Do Astronomers Do (including Their Typical Day At Work) Stan T. April 28, 2020 Career , Job Description Leave a Comment Job Description, Daily Responsibilities, and Work Life.

Astronomers are sometimes called astrophysicists. For example, a surgeon must complete four years of college and an additional five to seven years of specialized medical training to be able to do their job. How do you become an astronomer?

Astronomy is a science where astronomers observe physics at work throughout the universe! Most astronomers do not encounter unusual hazards in their work. They teach astronomy courses and usually do research. What They Do: Physicists and astronomers study the ways in which various forms of matter and energy interact.. Work Environment: Physicists and astronomers spend much of their time working in offices, but they also conduct research in laboratories and observatories.Most physicists and astronomers work full time. A number of consulting firms supply astronomy talent to the government for specific tasks. Astronomers use physics to help them understand what they are seeing in all the pretty pictures that come off the telescopes.

A few industries, such as the aerospace field, hire astronomers to do research that may give their company a competitive edge. Astronomers try to understand how the universe works. Astronomers who make observations with ground-based telescopes may spend many hours working in observatories; this work usually involves travel to remote locations and may require working at night. Astronomers have helped physicists discover all kinds of exciting things like relativity, black holes, and nuclear fission. Education and Training: Doctoral degree Salary: Median—$97,320 per year Employment Outlook: Fair Definition and Nature of the Work. What Do Astronomers Do?

They use the laws of physics and mathematics to learn about the nature of matter and energy throughout the universe, which includes the sun, moon, planets, stars, and galaxies. You will need an extensive amount of skill, knowledge and experience to be an Astronomer.Many require more than five years of experience. Astronomer.

Astronomers study planets and the sun in our own solar system, as well as other stars, solar systems, galaxies, and the whole universe.

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