Nancy Wake was a Special Operations Executive during World War II and was the most decorated British servicewoman of the conflict. Nancy Wake timeline ... Nancy Grace Augusta Wake is born in Roseneath, Wellington, New Zealand Oct 26, 1914. Nancy Grace Augusta Wake AC, GM (30 August 1912 – 7 August 2011) served as a British agent during the later part of World War II. Nancy Wake, who in 1943 was top of the Gestapo’s most wanted list, was born in the back room of a dingy weatherboard shack in Wellington, New Zealand, the youngest of six children. Nancy Grace Augusta Wake (30 August 1912 – 7 August 2011) known as the "White Mouse", was an Australian who worked as a spy for the British in World War II.At one time she was on the top of the Gestapo's most wanted list. At the age of two, she and her family moved to Australia. Her family moved to Sydney, where she grew up, when Nancy was just 20 months old. She also worked for the French Resistance network. Nancy Wake was born on the gusty heights of Roseneath, Wellington, New Zealand, on 30 August 1912 to Charles Augustus and Ella Rosieur Wake.

She spent her childhood in Sydney and after her studies she traveled to Europe where she worked as a journalist. Her biography, Nancy Wak e by Australian journalist and rugby personality Peter Fitzsimons, strongly records her edge lineage: The most decorated servicewoman of the conflict, she was code-named White Mouse, was a recipient of the George Medal, and was once the most wanted person in Europe. In 1939 Nancy married French industrialist Henri Fiocca who was killed during the War. Apr 23, 1932. Peter FitzSimons wrote a biography about Nancy Wake and says the Australian war heroine was a force of nature. Here are some facts about Nancy Wake. The family moved to Australia in 1914 and after being educated in Sydney she travelled to Europe where she worked as a journalist. Nancy Wake was born in Wellington, New Zealand, on 30th August, 1912. Move to Sydney The Wake family moves to Sydney for her fathers editing job on a local newspaper Sep 11, 1928.

Nancy Grace Augusta Wake was born in Wellington, New Zealand, on August 30 1912, the youngest in a family of six. The youngest of six children, Nancy Wake was born in New Zealand in 1912 but soon moved with her family to Sydney, Australia. Wake and her siblings lived their childhoods in poverty and instability. She became a leading figure in the maquis groups of the French Resistance and was one of the Allies' most decorated servicewomen of the war. After fleeing her broken, poverty-stricken home at … She grew up at Neutral Bay, Sydney, where the family had settled. Wake was born on August 30, 1912 in Wellington, New Zealand. The official historian of the SOE, M.R.D. Wake's father left the family shortly for a filming job back in New Zealand, and her mother was left with the burden of raising 6 children. Running away from home At the age of 16 Nancy ran away from home to work as a nurse in the country. In Nazi Germany she saw the rise of Adolf Hitler and Anti-Semitism. Nancy Grace Augusta Wake, (30 August 1912 – 7 August 2011) (also known as Nancy Fiocca) worked for the Pat O'Leary escape line and the Special Operations Executive (SOE) in France for the Allies during World War II. Nancy Wake was born in 1912 in Wellington, New Zealand and suffered a broken home after the family moved to Australia. She was the youngest of six children. Wake was born in 1912 in New Zealand, and ran away from home at … Nancy Wake. She was one of the most highly decorated agents of the second world war. Nancy Wake, a prominent figure in the French Resistance during the Second World War, was born in Wellington, New Zealand, on 30 August 1912. She left home at 16 and traveled to London, New York and Pari Nancy Wake could have been a descendant of Hereward for all I knew. Nancy Wake was born in New Zealand but her family moved to Australia when she was 2. A novel by Sebastian Faulks based on her life called Charlotte Gray, was later made into a movie starring Cate Blanchett.. Wake was born in Wellington, New … Nancy Wake in 1945. World War II Resistance Figure.

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