It is not completely exhaustive, so be wary of untested foods. Do not feed a guinea pig rabbit or other small animal pellets - the vitamin content is not the same and can be harmful to your guinea pig. To avoid poisoning your guinea pig, keep all of your cleaning supplies and medications on high shelves and cabinets where it can’t reach them. Although it is a time consuming process, it will offer you the opportunity to bond more closely to your pet. Guinea pig forums can be a great source of answers, but don’t forget – the vet that directly observed your guinea pig is just a phone call away! Guinea Pigs are robust rodents as long as they are not sick.

What To Feed Your Guinea Pig. Lawnmower clippings should never be fed to your guinea pigs as these can cause gastrointestinal blockages and make your guinea pigs very sick. You can feed them both guinea pig food. Occasionally, the guinea pig continues to refuse to eat and drink, or only picks at its food, indicating the development of a more serious situation.
However, not all fruit and veg is safe for your guinea pigs. This is something the vet needs to know about. Guinea pigs tend to leave the bits of the mix that contain fibre. A common syringe for hand feeding the guinea pig If your guinea pig is ill, and refuses to eat foods or drink water by itself, you will need to hand feed it with a syringe or similar tool, which can save its life.The most important first sign of trouble is your guinea pig refusing to eat its favorite veggies. For young guinea pigs (less than one year old), a guinea pig that is pregnant, or for those guinea pigs that are sick and a vet recommends it, you can also feed alfalfa hay.

Prompt attention can sometimes resolve the problem completely. Hand-feeding takes practice and patience by both of you, Try to make it fun and relaxing. A guinea pig's health can deteriorate very quickly. They will happily eat it and play with it, and it's healthy for pigs of all ages. They should … If necessary, weigh them daily to find out how much they need to maintain/regain their normal weight. If you are planning to adopt a guinea pig, and are wondering what they eat, or already have a guinea pig and are wondering the same thing - this article will come in handy.

You need to feed your guinea pigs some good quality guinea pig nuggets – make sure you follow the guidelines on the packet as to how much to feed them on a daily basis; What to Avoid Feeding Your Guinea Pigs.

Never overfeed a guinea pig with these types of foods because it will cause severe stomach problems and can make them sick. Treats essentially include any type of fresh fruit. (The hay that guinea pigs snack on looks a bit like their bedding, and you don’t want your new guinea pig dining on its mattress!) You’re going to want hay— lots of hay!

It’s important to also use your own judgment when deciding if your guinea pig is sick, as she may not always display these common signs. Be sure to select plain pellets. While the provision of fruit and vegetables is absolutely crucial for guinea pigs, it's also true that there are certain foods which they should not eat under any circumstances.These foods could pose a problem for the normal functioning of the guinea pig's digestive system, which is why it's important to quickly check this list to make sure that you're not giving your pet anything dangerous. Safe fruit and veg for guinea pigs. Although this type of feed is convenient – guinea pigs can end up being picky eaters and just take out the bits they like – leaving the rest to go to waste. Guinea pigs very seldom get over an illness without help. Don't feed the guinea pig the rabbit food or it will be sick. As prey animals, guinea pigs hide signs of illness. Avoid feeding any muesli-type mixtures because you will end up with lots of bits left over. Feylin's sick pig tips: Give the probiotics 3 or more times a day (keep them 2hrs away from ABs). Guinea pigs should have unlimited access to hay, which often means refilling a good-sized dish 3 to 5 times daily.
Blend or mix a guinea pig "smoothie" that contains hay, water and ground up …

Unfortunately, sometimes the first hint of illness is a dead cavy in the cage. Question them if your guinea pig seems to be getting worse, rather than better. A dying guinea pig will become very weak and unable to feed or water himself as his death approaches.

Serve hay out of a hay rack. You can make his passing less uncomfortable by offering him water from a spoon, syringe, or water bottle. Timothy hay is the best hay for all guinea pigs in general. Try to give your guinea pigs a different mix of fresh veg each day.

This can cause problems with their teeth and their gut. I will warn you: once a Guinea Pig is sick enough to have this number of symptoms, the outlook is quite grave.

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