Other Traditions are to do with the non-ordainibility of women, rather than it being declared a dogma (see a recent Ask the Apologist reply). The Catholics will not regard scripture because they are pushing so hard on the point of traditions that they attempt to prove traditions by traditions, or extrabiblical writings, rather than with scripture. If a person fails to differentiate these laws, s/he gets confused with which part of the law applies to him/her. A principle is a Godgiven standard valid in every time and place. Many people mess up in John 1:1-5.

The secret of spiritual happiness and blessing is simply trusting and obeying the Lord. The Ten Commandments are excellent examples of principles.

It was Tradition for the Church to believe in the Assumption of Mary until, only relatively recently in Church history, it became a dogma. This makes it easier to distinguish between principles and customs. The argument is really against traditions of men that are not supported by the written word of God.

We do not hold God in our hands, we hold his words. Obedience is the key to every door.” George MacDonald [1572 words] Spurgeon “Understanding is the reward of obedience. God laws are the Ten Commandments found in Exodus 20 while Mosaic Law are all other Old Testament laws found in the Torah or Pentateuch books (first five books of the bible ). In Romans chapter 3, Paul made it clear that no one could be saved by law-keeping.

What is the difference between Tradition and ‘tradition’ and where do they meet? He that obeys God trusts God; and he that trusts God obeys God. Many people mess up in John 1:1-5. There is a great difference between accepting the Law of Moses as God’s standard of righteousness, and making that same law the means to earning your own salvation, by the work of law-keeping. These important words convey exactly what the Bible teaches.

Let us illustrate the difference with the example of paying the tithe. We do not hold God in our hands, we hold his words. There are 6 differences between God laws and Mosaic Law.

Let me explain.

I say, “Oh, the word of God is indispensable, but I want to define righteousness and holiness as what they are intrinsically.” I don’t want to just to say, “Obey the word of God and you’re righteous.” That would be true.

But it wouldn’t tell you why it’s ultimately righteous.

The … Obedience that’s partial isn’t obedience at all I once felt the Holy Spirit nudge me toward obedience and let go of some potential opportunities, because I was giving them too much importance; and they were edging in on the place reserved for Him on the throne in my heart.

Some people, instead of excepting and obeying God's specific teaching on a subject, manipulate or distort God's Word to support their own human views. When culture and Christianity clash, the cultural Christian adjusts his or her worldview accordingly.

Unlike principles, customs are not eternal.

“Faith and obedience are bound up in the same bundle.

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