Swans; Cats; Dogs; Insects

A. An egg results from fertilization of an egg cell.Most arthropods, vertebrates (excluding live-bearing mammals), and mollusks lay eggs, although some, such as scorpions, do not.. FIGURE 23.34. As in many other aquatic or amphibian tetrapods, the eyes, ears, and nostrils are all located on the same "face" in a line one after the other. Amniotes evolved during the late Paleozoic era . The fluid-filled cavity containing the embryo is separated from the external environment by an amniotic sac that is impermeable to water. Reptiles are cold-blooded, air-breathing vertebrates that have skin covered in scales as opposed to hair or feathers. Petrolacosaurus and Mesosaurus are other examples. Like all reptiles, crocodilians have a relatively small brain, but the crocodilian brain is more advanced than those of other reptiles. An amniotic egg has a shell and a membrane that prevent the egg from dehydrating but still allow for the exchange of gases between the egg and the environment. For example, the non-venomous milk snake has black and red rings that resemble the … Westlothiana has been suggested as the oldest reptile, but is for the moment considered to be more related to amphibians than amniotes. The Amniotic Egg. The amniotes—reptiles, birds, and mammals—are distinguished from amphibians by their terrestrially adapted egg, which is protected by amniotic membranes. In the 13th century the category of reptile was recognized in Europe as consisting of a miscellany of egg-laying creatures, including "snakes, various fantastic monsters, lizards, assorted amphibians, and worms", as recorded by Vincent of Beauvais in his Mirror of Nature.In the 18th century, the reptiles were, from the outset of classification, grouped with the amphibians. It is protected by an external hard shell. Reptiles are ‘tetrapods’ (vertebrate animals that have four feet, legs or leg like appendages) and amniotes, animals whose embryos are surrounded by an amniotic membrane and members of the class Sauropsida. The sperm needs a watery environment in which they can swim to the egg. ... What is one benefit to reptiles of having an amniotic egg?

The amniotes are the evolutionary branch (clade) of the tetrapods (superclass Tetrapoda) in which the embryo develops within a set of protective extra-embryonic membranes —the amnion , chorion , and allantois . The amniotic egg represents a critical divergence within the vertebrates, one enabling amniotes to reproduce on dry land—free of the need to return to water for reproduction as required of the amphibians. The amniote egg allowed them to place their eggs on dry land, the water (amniotic fluid) was IN the egg. The egg yolk provides a source of nourishment for the developing young. One of the biggest evolvements in the Carboniferous Period was the rise of the amniotes. The reptiles are the first to lay the amniotic egg which has a hard shell. Eagles; Owls; Vaultures; Parrots; Water Birds. Wildlife & Pets Encyclopedia. Their egg does not require oxygen B. The eggshell protects the crocodile embryo and keeps it from drying out, but it is flexible to allow gas exchange. Start studying Biology Final Review. In the 13th century the category of reptile was recognized in Europe as consisting of a miscellany of egg-laying creatures, including "snakes, various fantastic monsters, lizards, assorted amphibians, and worms", as recorded by Vincent of Beauvais in his Mirror of Nature. They also produce uric acid as their principle waste product to conserve water. a. their egg does not require oxygen b. their eggs are protected by Jacobsen's organs c. they can have external fertilization d. they do not have to return to the water to reproduce Hylonomus is the oldest-known reptile, and was about 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 cm) long. An amnion, chorion, and allantois are present during embryonic life. The characteristic that sets amniotes apart from other tetrapods is that amniotes lay eggs that are well-adapted to survive in a terrestrial environment. The shell of a reptile's egg is impervious to sperm, so the eggs must be fertilized before they have formed this layer and are deposited. Swans; Cats; Dogs; Insects The development of amniotic eggs freed animals from having to deposit their eggs in the water, but it came at a cost: External fertilization of shelled eggs is not possible. Wildlife & Pets Encyclopedia. The amniotic egg allows reptiles, birds and mammals to lay eggs on land without drying out.

Analyze how having a four-chambered heart benefits crocodiles and alligators on a daily basis. Birds of Prey. This is thought to be a clade in the origin of reptiles, birds and mammals. Modern reptiles, like amphibians are ectotherms. Most reptiles lay amniotic eggs covered with leathery or calcareous shells. They see well during the day and may even have color vision, but they have excellent night vision. Color the embryo red.

The amniotes (reptiles, birds, and mammals) are distinguished from amphibians by their terrestrially adapted egg, which is protected by amniotic membranes (fluid-filled membranes which function in embryonic development).The evolution of amniotic membranes meant that the embryos of amniotes were … Birds. Color the amnion dark blue and the fluid inside surrounding the embryo light blue.

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