fill in an application form using your new name.

Change Middle Name in Passport In case an individual wishes to change middle name or surname, he/she will have to visit the Passport Seva Kendra or the official website and apply for re-issue' of Passport and download Form No. Answer: It should not be an issue. For example, in English a middle name may be: part of a two-word given name (e.g. After all, there are several Amanda Johnson's out there, and it’s common for airlines to ask for your middle name in addition to your first and last (just like a driver’s license or passport). To change your name on your passport or travel document:. For their help, the complete procedure is mentioned below.

Sergeyevich), or; a baptismal name (e.g.

Rodham),; a patronymic (e.g.

You comply with the airline stipulations 100% (because they do not require the middle name, as stated in the booking system). The only commonly documented cases of middle name being an issue were on select groupings of WOW flights.. Cheapoair? Answer: The application has only spaces for 21 characters for the last name, 17 for the first name, and 16 for the middle name.

So, it needs to be updated with proper and correct information always. Would this be a problem? We only ticket people with their correct name, however it is on their passport. Can they both be included in the passport alongside the surname and first name? First Name Middle Name In Passport/Pancard. to replace your passport, complete the new adult general application form; to replace your travel document, complete the adult travel document application for stateless and protected persons in Canada; return your passport or travel document (if it is still valid), we’ll cancel it It's just your first and last name that have to match.

I never put my middle name when booking a ticket (it's on my passport) and I have flown many hundreds of times with no problem. I book people all the time and a red flag comes up when you enter the name that you only put the middle name in if it's on your passport. Won’t match drivers License. by Julie (Boston, MA, USA) Question: I need to renew my passport for an upcoming trip, but I'm concerned with how my name will appear to book the tickets. Change Middle Name in Passport In case an individual wishes to change middle name or surname, he/she will have to visit the Passport Seva Kendra or the official website and apply for re-issue' of Passport and download Form No. Middle name not on passbort by: Anonymous Question: I made out passport form with my middle name but the passport arrive without it.

Hi, I have booked a flight via China Airlines from Hong Kong to Taipei and have missed out my middle name, which my passport have 3 fields (Last, First and Middle Name). Surname/ last name is not just your family name, it is your special identity that is pretty much important to filling out applications required while applying for passport, travel, PAN or any other identity document. II for Miscellaneous Services and fill in the required details. I personally feel there's a little bit of a contradiction on their booking page, since it also states, and I copy, "Please make sure your full name is entered exactly as it appears on your government-issued identification."

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