The 'holocaust denial' movement can be deceptive. You’re always being guided to find the answers, whether that is through personal experiences or through the experiences of others. I am sure this has been asked many times but being a die hard fan....anyway I just watched several videos on "The Mandela Effect" and they are all saying that Morpheus never said that! EDIT: Well this is … The movie itself however, is … The Matrix Live on Facebook. But if this is a complete falsehood, then what else have you been told … and so on. Please. The war on consciousness will only go as far as you allow it to go. You probably heard the factoid that the average person swallows a few spiders in their sleep each year. "What if I told you that everything you know (/ everything you have been lead to believe) is a lie." They never had a chance to figure out what was happening until it was too late. What if I told you everything you know is a lie.... SamsaraX. I thought it was along the lines of, "what if I told you everything you knew was a lie?

It turns out that not only is this “fact” 100% false, it was created to see how humans would spread such a lie. It is during the dojo scene where he is trying to get Neo to lose the constraints on what he knows as physical limits based on the Matrix simulation. Remember the silence of the assimilated Jews of Europe.

You think that's air you're breathing right now?" April 2017 in The Matrix. Be open minded about everything you read and watch when researching and you will continue to follow your path of enlightenment. I've seen residue of it, in fact i'm looking at a meme with the quote. Connect the dots before it's too late. Question EVERYTHING!

You and I and our 'opinion', our voice, our opposition to their wickedness.

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