Scientific name: Pseudacris triseriata Classification: Treefrog Description: The Western Chorus Frog is a small, smooth skinned treefrog. It is light tan, gray, or brown on the back, sometimes with a greenish wash, but most have three dark stripes down the back that may be broken … The female western chorus frog was heavy with eggs. They are very shy, and are hard to photograph and/or catch. The western chorus frog prefers freshwater areas like marshes or swamps to cut down on predication.

WESTERN CHORUS FROG Pseudacris triseriata: DESCRIPTION: The Western Chorus Frog is a relatively small (to about 1.5 inches) frog with neither conspicuous toe pads nor significant webbing between the toes.This frog has a highly variable color pattern.

Seeing this species in person after more than 20 years of it only being a memory was very rewarding for me.

The males of the species will start to call from temporary bodies of water like flooded ditches, flooded fields, and ponds. The western chorus frog remains close to these ephemeral aquatic habitats, since they provide excellent mating, breeding, and hibernation grounds. Historical versus Current Distribution.

Other species such as the boreal chorus frog, American toad, and northern leopard frog may chorus during all three breeding periods. Western/Striped Chorus Frog. Josh's Frogs breeds pet frogs for sale, and offers all of the amphibian supplies you pet frog needs! Pseudacris ornata (Holbrook, 1836) Ornate Chorus Frog. Since they breed at about the same time as wood frogs, I listen for these frogs to tell if the quieter wood frogs are breeding. Western Chorus Frogs have a mask, similar to wood frogs but are much tinier. The boreal chorus frog, formerly called the western chorus frog in our state, is a small frog that may be gray or tan; it has 3 wide, dark stripes or a series of spots down the back, and a wide, dark stripe passing through the eyes and extending along the sides. The Western Chorus Frog starts to breed in February or March, depending on when the snow melts. They will continue to breed until the end of April or early May. Chorus frog, (Pseudacris), also called swamp tree frog, or swamp cricket frog, any of several species of tree frogs belonging to the family Hylidae. Colour varies from green-gray to brown.

Western Chorus Frogs breed in temporary wetlands or shallow portions, which become dry in the summer, of permanent aquatic features (e.g., ponds, basins/potholes, marshes, swamps, drainage ditches; COSEWIC Chorus frogs are found in North America from Canada to the southern United States and the northern reaches of Mexico.

They are predominantly terrestrial and live in thick herbaceous vegetation and low shrubbery. You have to be patient to catch these frogs, and approach very slowly.

Best time to find them is on a warm summer night when they come out to call. Wood frogs may begin chorusing at any time after the spring thaw, but all breeding activity is completed in two weeks or less (often just one to three days). There is a dark stripe through the eye and a white stripe along the upper lip. photo 21. Since these areas tend to dry out, these frogs can be, but are less commonly, found in fallowed agricultural fields, damp woodlands, roadside ditches, and wooded swamps. John B. Jensen 1. The distinctive, three-striped pattern and dark face mask took me back to a time when these frogs were common.

These frogs are nocturnal and rather secretive so they can be hard to find. The call of the Western chorus frog is a “cree-ee-eek” as heard in the video below.

Frogs for sale at low prices, with great customer service. Ornate chorus frogs (Pseudacris ornata) are restricted to the southeastern Coastal Plain (Mount, 1975) from extreme eastern Louisiana to North Carolina (Conant and Collins, 1991). 1.

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