This had to work. After a fight with Jiang Cheng (Wang Zhuo Cheng), Wei Wuxian is passed out, laying in Lan Wangji’s arms while Wen Ning (Paul Yu) tells Jiang Cheng that the golden core running through his body actually belongs to … Wei Wuxian – An analysis on Xiao Zhan’s acting Part 2 This is a series of short articles by the same author which will be a 6 part analysis on Xiao Zhan’s various roles. Wei Ying also brings the younger boys (whom I refer to as next gen) on night hunts as well. And this Wei Wuxian is now dying because of a madman who's still alive and well because only traps and wicked talismans were guarding my tortured brother. Wei Wuxian is a young gang leader whose well-meaning and philanthropic efforts have warranted him and his group, Lotus, a nasty reputation. Besides, when people worried about Whether or not Wei WuXian could have a new golden core the author had replied and said:"Don't worry, he will. Lan WangJi sheds a tear and angrily takes Wei WuXian away. Cultivators not only have a golden core to support them, but also a spirit animal representing them.

There is a legend that says that five esteemed cultivators will be born with the five auspicious beasts as their spirit animals and those five are meant to protect their omega.

The golden core is of the utmost importance to cultivators, as this is what allows them to fight at peak supernatural ability. Then we can play a melody together from the edge of the world.

Wen Ning then explains that golden core inside him is Wei WuXian's and was transferred … The pain was gradually intensifying. Time Travel AU + Wei WuXian with Fragmented/Fractured Memory [Headcanon 1] Note: Because the translation I read was not in English, combined with the small creative liberty I’m taking, certain phrases/names usage might not strictly be what readers of the English translation are used to.

The tragedy of it all was that they were both in the right—Wei Wuxian required an alternative path to fight for what he believed was right despite having lost his golden core, and Lan Wangji (who did not yet know about Wei Wuxian’s core) was also correct in that ghost cultivation was affecting Wei Wuxian’s psyche. Follow/Fav Reconciliation of Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian Part 1. Wei Wuxian chest stared at the Golden Core that was no longer his and shut his eyes only to open them and stare fixedly on Wen Qing and Jiang Cheng, as the operation had started. 1,047 notes.

It had too. Thus Wei WuXian lost control, Jin ZiXuan and all Jin Clan member got killed by Wen Ning.

Not mine own.

HAHA, Chinese fandom took it as implication of double cultivation.

Why not face all the storms in life with an unrestrained heart?

Part 1.1 – Wei Wuxian Those people implied he was un-welcome and a shame to Jin ZiXuan/Jiang YanLi. wattoriginals2020, gay, love. He had been sure he was not really needed there. By: NitNitNithya.

Read Golden Core from the story Lan Zhan's Untamed (Lan Zhan x Wei Wuxian) by eroticfictionauthor (LuvLaws) with 2,187 reads. He recalled it should have been an easy night hunt, a nice distraction from his duties.

It is canon that Jiang Cheng was captured that time because he wanted to lead the Wens away from Wei Wuxian. Wei Wuxian's golden core.

“Did it hurt?” “The Golden Core surgery, does it hurt?” “Wei Ying!” . Abilities Swordsmanship: While he had his Golden Core, Wei Wuxian was able to use his sword Suibian with high speed and skill., Intelligence: Wei Wuxian was remarkably intelligent and imaginative. “Did it hurt?” “The Golden Core surgery, does it hurt?” “Wei Ying!” . So I think you can safely say that he builds it back up slowly. I am sorry, i … It’s the first time Wei Wuxian has been back since he was resurrected. It is a rather weak one because MXY's one is weak. Pursuit of the survivors Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli; Capture of Jiang Cheng and subsequent Gift of the Golden Core; Continued pursuit of Wei Wuxian and finally being thrown down to the Burial Grounds; Performance Point (1): Return to Lotus Pier (Episode 16, at the 33th Minute) Incident – Rescue of Jiang Cheng He starts off by raging about how Wei Wuxian is always better than him and how he still blames the latter for his family's death, then ends up breaking down in tears as he reveals what he's hurt about the most. Why not face all the storms in life with an unrestrained heart? After eloping with Lan Zhan, Wei Ying goes on night-hunts with him. The audio drama confirms that by the time of the Dream Come True extra, Wei Wuxian eventually formed another golden core that's powerful enough for him to be able to carry his sword with him again. While Wei Wuxian is passed out, Lan Wangji listens to Wen Ning as he recounts the story of how Wei Wuxian gave his golden core to Jiang Cheng, without anyone knowing. Wen Ning then explains that golden core inside him is Wei WuXian's and was transferred by Wen Qing on that mountain years ago. When Lan Zhan is tasked with uprooting his gang from the inside out as an undercover initiate, he comes to a crossroads between what righteousness has meant to him and what it means now. The entirety of Chapter 102, where Jiang Cheng confronts Wei Wuxian about his golden core.

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