15 or 16-20,000 Hz Elephants have good hearing, detecting sounds as low as 14 to 16 hz (human low range: 20 hz) and as high as 12,000 hz (human high range: 20,000).

"The general range of hearing for young people is 20 Hz to 20 kHz." New York: Grolier, 1967: 285. Take a moment to sympathise with the turtle, that only has a vocal hearing range of between 20Hz and 1,000Hz. The range of human hearing is typically quoted as being from 20-20,000Hz, but age and prolonged exposure to loud sounds can significantly lower your ability to hear high frequencies.

Due to the impact of continued exposure to loud noise over time, usually the younger we are, the better we hear. mole-rat, or elephant) are hearing them.Similarly, all sounds above 20 kHz are qualified as ultrasounds, but their are sounds for a cat or a dog (up to 40 kHz) or for a dolphin or a bat (up to 160 kHz). 20-20,000 Hz "Body, Human." For best results, perform the test at a comfortable volume in a quiet environment and using good quality headphones.

15-18,000 Hz: Acoustics.

The New Book of Knowledge. Loudness and pitch The human hearing range depends on both the pitch of the sound – whether it is high or low – and the loudness of the sound. This human hearing range is called the audible range. National Physical Laboratory (NPL), 2003. "The human ear can hear vibrations ranging from 15 or 16 a second to 20,000 a second." All sounds below 20 Hz are qualified as infrasounds, althought some animals (ex.

Elephants frequently use infrasonic sounds, which are sounds emitted below the human hearing range, in long—distance communication.

Pitch is measured in Hertz (Hz) and loudness is measured in decibels (dB).

graph S. Blatrix. The ‘normal’ hearing frequency range is is about 20 to 20,000Hz for a healthy young person .

Though a ‘normal’ audible range for loudness is from 0 to 180dB, anything over 85dB is considered damaging, so we should try not to go there. The goldfish doesn’t fare much better, with a range of between 100Hz and 2,000Hz, with frogs only being able to hear between 100Hz and 3,000Hz. Human ear perceives frequencies between 20 Hz (lowest pitch) to 20 kHz (highest pitch).

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