One could not submit to someone without knowing what one was doing, and her being an adult made it more acceptable, than if she was portrayed as a … Krishna and Radha surrounded by Gopis Krishna and Radha surrounded by Gopis. ... the eternal consort of Lord Vishnu.

September 4, 2018 at 3:58 pm.

Some say she was older than Krishna, others say she was already married. Radha Krishna love is eternal that is much bigger than marriage itself.

There are no instances to say Radha travelled anytime to Dwaraka.

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She does not feature in Srimad Bhagavatham, nor Hari Vamsa nor the Mahabharata. Related.

For Krishna, though always being surrounded by hundreds of Gopis (Krishna’s female guardians or lovers), Krishna just feels comfortable with Radha being around. People also curiously discuss whether She was older than Krishna or younger, whether She was married to Krishna … Was Radha older than Krishna?
Radha and rukmini are not same.radha had her own family, after krishna went to mathura,she was very upset.and many days she just break her own totaly. 8. Filed Under: God. I have studied an old script in the municipal library about the marriage of Radha Krishna. Krishna married Rukmini because Rukmini was Radha. Radha being older is to be seen as her being an adult who knew what she was doing. Dhiren Maharaj. Krishna was also in pain more than ever to see Radha like this when he couldn’t express his emotions for the girl he had loved the most in his life, probably more than his wives. The reason is that Krishna takes the form of teen-age youth before wedding moments Then the Supreme Personality of Godhead became a teen-age youth splendid as a dark cloud, dressed in yellow garments, decorated with the Kaustubha gem, holding a flute, and more enchanting than a great host of Kamadevas. How did Radha die? They biggest of mystery of Srimad Bhagavatam – Srimati Radha. He never returned to Vrindavan after that time. Some even question the sanctity of her relationship with Lord Krishna. 9. None other than Radha’s older and indulgent husband. krishna left radha because radha was older then krishna and krishna wanted to marry more beautiful lady then radha, thats why he married rukmini and left radha According to that script Krishna and Radha went together at the bank of Jamuna river. He was a wool merchant say some and travelled far and wide selling his wares, leaving his lovely young bride in the care of his mother and sisters.

So who was this Radha?
Radha was a young girl and Krishna was a small child when their love began. Yes, Radha was about 10 years older than Krishna. Bagri concludes: "So, Krishna knew of the physical Radha only till Krishna was 10. The myths tell that because Radha is older than Krishna, her eyes do not open till her lover was born. Radha died when Dwarika sank. I felt it my personal loss. Reader Interactions. Anyhow.

Krishna also died at that … That script differs with the said story. The Biggest Mystery of Srimad Bhagavatam – Srimati Radha. RADHA-RUKMINI - There are so many temples of Radha-Krishna temples, especially so in Vrindavan.

Why did Krishna marry Rukmini? Radha represents the pure soul of self surrender that only wants to merge with the Lord. This is the reason we don’t find the earlier stories of Rukmini. Comments.

I haven't studied complete because an orthodox Muslim assistant commissioner came to Chakwal and ordered to burn all Non-Islamic book. This took the relationship beyond the realm of infatuation. Radha is a true devotee, and Lord Krishna is the Supreme Savior. It is not true that Radha is fourteen years elder than Krishna during their marriage time.

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