Tariff metering = Class 0,5 or 0,2 Divisional industrial metering = Class 1 Measure display = Class 1 or 3 Protection = Class 3P or 6P Defining the voltage factor • The voltage factor is determined by the maximum operating voltage, which depends on the neutral system and the voltage transformer primary winding earthing conditions.

Accuracy of 0.3% is at 100% current and the accuracy drops to 0.6% at 10% of rated current. 2 www.GEDigitalEnergy.com ... INSULATION/VOLTAGE CLASS METERING ACCURACY CONNECTIONS ... Voltage Transformer Ratings and Characteristics GROUP BUSHINGS RATING RVF 1 2 L-G 1.25/8hr 2 2 L-L - Capacitor Voltage Transformer TYD is designed for revenue metering and protection in high voltage networks. Potential Transformer Definition: Potential transformers (PT) or Voltage Transformers (VT) can be defined as devices used to step down voltage from high voltage typically used in transmission and distribution to a low voltage (typically between 50-150V).By using a PT, voltage is reduced that can be safely handled by meter or relay circuits. Accuracy class for metering application is provided as an example 0.3B1.8. The new current transformer and metering speci cations like the IEC61869-2 table above now require accuracies from 0.2%, 0.1% and up. Selecting ANSI Class Metering Current Transformers 142 H B0.1 B0.2 B0.5 B0.9 B1.8 0.3 0.6 0.9 1.2 2.4 ANSI METERING CLASS @ 60 Hz CURRENT RATIO 50:5 PERCENT ACCURACY BURDEN IN OHMS TURNS RATIO One of the most common uses of current transformers are … 12. The ANSI standard metering accuracy class also defines the maximum phase shift plus or minus as well through the use of parallelograms which requires a technical background beyond the scope of the intended reader. There are two types of ITs: current and voltage transformers.

As for the current transformers the accuracy in Voltage Transformers are divided into classes for measuring and classes for protection purposes. It is of single-phase design and intended for connection between phase and ground in networks with insulated or …

Metering and Protection Current transformers are different types of current transformers with varying properties. By reduce the power system primary current to lower value CT is used for measuring or metering purpose. Current transformers are used for measuring currents of high magnitude, whereas voltage transformers (potential transformers) step down voltages of high magnitudes to a lower voltage. Instrument transformers are used for measurement and protective application, together with equipment such as meters and relays.

Instrument Transformers – Application Guide.

Instrument Transformer Basic Technical Information and Application.

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