Tags Fanfiction Romance Various Reader X Various Venture Bros (AN: TRIGGER WARNING! Lain. Col. Lloyd Venture (1800s - 1940) (voiced by Christopher McCulloch): Grandfather of Dr. Jonas Venture, Sr., great-grandfather to Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture and Dr. Jonas Venture, Jr., and great-great-grandfather to Hank and Dean, Col. Venture was the leader of the Guild, a group set up to protect the Orb from falling into the wrong hands. You? Who am I kidding.

Lain. A choke-like gasp is heard from the room down the hall, and Brock immediately heads to the location of the sound, Hank, Helper, and Rusty in tow (though Rusty just shuffles his way down the hall taking his sweet time). Mentions death & death from drug habit.) Life has a funny way of working out for some people who really don't deserve it. Rare, exciting, and spectacular every time, but luckily you don’t need special goggles to see how great it is, just… lots and lots of patience. - - Doctor Venture. AdultSwim.com is part of Turner Entertainment Digital which is part of the Turner Sports & Entertainment Digital Network.

The Arch of a Lifetime (Venture Bros.) An Introduction to... Well, You! My looks are going down the toilet faster than an unwanted pregnancy on prom night." The Venture Bros is the best animated series on earth but you have to watch the first season to "get the underlying mythos". Dr. Orpheus is most likely a parody of/reference to Marvel's Dr. Fred invites the others to come join him and the rest of Mystery Inc to visit Egypt where Velma is spending time in to discover The Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza with Prince Omar, Dr. Benton Quest, Dr. Venture, and even including two special surprise guests, but of course, there's a mystery to be solved which involves a curse from the late Cleopatra.

“The Venture Bros.” has never actually explained it, and even Rusty doesn’t seem to know why. Early in the show, the Monarch barely even registered on Rusty’s list of enemies. A new Venture Bros. season is like a solar eclipse. All of the very relatable characters are hilarious and make the most quotable remarks. " The Venture Bros. universe is crammed full of colorfully clad misfits and losers who never quite seem to get ahead in life. Strange. Dr. Byron Orpheus is one of the characters on the Adult Swim show The Venture Bros, a necromancer who rents living quarters in the East Wing of the Venture Compound from Dr. Venture, and resides there with his daughter Triana Orpheus. The Arch of a Lifetime (Venture Bros.) Consider Yourself a Venture Now!

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