Solid substrate also affords easier visualization of the chameleons’ feces and urate output. This chameleon is an introduced species in Hawaii, where it is invasive in the local ecosystem.

I think I want to stick with substrate especially for the added humidity. Chameleons are very territorial and stress easily.

Veiled Chameleons are among the most popular chameleon species kept as pets. I’ll look into that bulb. Substrate The best substrate for chameleons is simple flat newspaper (cheap, recyclable, easily disposed). Although using moss, bark, or compressed coconut will aid in maintaining humidity and spot cleaning, some fear that small bits of bedding may be ingested by your lizards during feeding.

It is easy to breed and prolific in its egg production. When I had my chameleon I wanted to have the substrate that was most easiest to deal with when keeping my chameleon’s enclosure clean.

Females of this species typically show less vibrant colors and live on average 4-6 years because even when not bred, they will produce infertile clutches of eggs, which take a lot of energy. ), cedar, gravel, corn cob bedding, and beddings that would hold excess moisture.

If a particulate or natural substrate is used avoid the following: beddings with small particles (sand, kitty litter, etc. It tolerates a range of conditions and survives well in captivity. If you're a new or experienced owner, you can ask your questions on our Veiled Chameleon forum.

As your gravid chameleon gets closer to parturition, it is important that you prepare a nesting box in which your pet can deposit her eggs. Veiled chameleons originate in the Arabian Peninsula and thrive the treetops of tropical environments because they are arboreal.

Substrate: No specific substrate is needed but coconut fiber or potting soil with no added chemicals or perlit work well. Substrate for chameleon cages is easily maintained if newspaper, butcher paper, or indoor/outdoor carpet. If you do not provide your chameleon a nesting box, she may become egg-bound or simply drop the eggs from her perch, destroying them.
This is a beautiful large species of chameleon that has fascinating behaviors.

Having been a Chameleon keeper, on and off for over two decades (Reptiles and Amphibians in general, for over 30 years), much has changed in our Chameleon set-up's when I look back and compare then, to now. by Jason | Feb 1, 2019 | Caring for Chameleons, Chameleon FAQ. Thank you so much!

Our community and zoologists will answer your questions, so your veiled chameleon will live a long and happy life.

Do not house more than one chameleon together.

If you have a veiled chameleon, panther chameleon, graceful chameleon, or senegal chameleon, your chameleon will definitely lay eggs. Chameleon vivarium setup advice - uvb, lighting, heating, plants and water. It tolerates a range of conditions and survives well in captivity. The more room you provide for your Veiled Chameleon the better. But caring for them can be complex and challenging. With chameleons, substrate is optional. as for the makes my head spin because he/she says it terrible and breeders I know preach by it so idk lol.

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