Find out how this third-person shooter fares in our review. The competitive online game will feature quick, intense matches in compact battle zones themed from historic Resident Evil environments such as an Umbrella Facility map. UMBRELLA CORPS is a Resident Evil spin-off that puts players in the uniforms of mercenaries at war with each other as they try to recover biological-weapons data for the morally suspect corporations that employ them. That has been the question on my mind since I first loaded the game and started playing. There was once a time when every Resident Evil … Top positive review. Despite the hit-and-miss history of the franchise, Umbrella Corps is the first time I ever regretted uttering the phrase “sure, I’ll review that Resident Evil game”. See All Buying Options. It somehow worsens that tired shooter formula with nonsensical additions and yawnsome attempts to pay homage to … Why does Umbrella Corps exist?. Umbrella Corps is at its best when it allows you to utilize your surroundings, but this isn't always possible. The mechanic, however, feels out of place in this game … Umbrella Corps review Jammer dodgy. At least I hope it is. Player Reviews. Umbrella Corps is a multiplayer-based tactical shooter developed and published by Capcom for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.It is a spin-off of the Resident Evil series and was released worldwide in June 2016. Umbrella Corps is the latest 'Resident Evil' spinoff title from Capcom. Platform: PS4 Digital CodeEdition: Standard Change. Reviewed on: PS4; Umbrella Corps is a sloppy competitive shooter with a score of issues that overshadow its redeeming qualities. It fails as a Resident Evil game so hard Capcom took the name out, and it fails as a multiplayer game so hard it kicked all its players out. Umbrella Corps is the last gasp of a disastrous era in Resident Evil history. The game received negative reviews from critics Umbrella Corps is, sadly, no return to form. Add to Wish List. But unlike 2012's Operation Raccoon City, there isn't even a solid gameplay foundation here, just a mash-up of a … UMBRELLA CORPS VERDICT. July 3, 2016. Capcom has made another Resident Evil spin-off that is multiplayer-focused and feels haphazardly put together. Write a review. Umbrella Corps Review. See all 2 positive reviews › Rico. Umbrella Corps also throws in cover mechanics, another thing that I normally really like. Umbrella Corps has a single-player mode called The Experiment, but it’s too shallow to hold your attention for long. Umbrella Corps - PS4 [Digital Code] by Capcom. 4.0 out of 5 stars Tactical. Platforms: PS4 (Review), PC. Umbrella Corps Review. Umbrella Corps is a sloppy competitive shooter with a score of issues that overshadow its redeeming qualities.

Join the corps! Umbrella Corps is a new fast-paced third-person shooter set in the Resident Evil universe.

Umbrella Corps utilizes the Unity engine developed by Unity Technologies. Review by Martin Robinson, Features and Reviews Editor Updated on 28 June 2016. Jun 28, 2016 2:21pm.

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