Because it has domain over water as well as air, the swan is considered to be the Bird of Light and is associated with the dawning of the Sun.

This is likely because swans mate for many years, sometimes for life. It seems to give you a warning to not get involved in any immorality or vice. . Swans are also representative of love interests, being sacred to Aphrodite, Venus, and Zeus, the latter of whom changed himself into a swan to pursue the affection of Leda.

The Swan exudes the essence of angels, imparts divine healing words and energies, reminder of the possibility of transformation; of something or someone into something beautiful to behold.


Not only will you gaze upon the elegance and the beauty of the swan, but you will also realize that this animal may be your totem. There is a lot more to swan meaning, so dive into swan symbolism here. Two swans together with bended necks formed into a heart, symbolise connection, unity in love, fighting swans would represent a lack of harmony in your love life. I feel the men in your dream are symbolic of your own masculine energy which may be sending you a message to take action and honour your voice and your emotions.. as they are leading you to your true reflection of Self. Learn more. . There is a lot … Dreaming of a dead swan symbolizes satiety along with discontentment. The ability of a bird to fly was early on determined to be a link between the sky and the ground. swan definition: 1. a large, usually white bird with a long neck that lives on rivers and lakes: 2. to travel…. Spiritual Meaning of Birds Flying In Front of You and Around You. Dreaming of two swans together portends very devoted relationships. If you see two swans, it may indicate that someone special to you will fill your life with happiness. Swan – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning If a swan has appeared in your life or in your dream, it may be a very important moment for you. Swans mate for life. . Swans also symbolize sensitivity, love, and beauty. . A group of swans floating upon placid waters is a hint of future prosperity and security. Because it has domain over water as well as air, the swan is considered to be the Bird of Light and is associated with the dawning of the Sun.

Swan Symbolism Effortless, Timeless, Elegance & Beauty Swan Symbolism, with the meaning of Swan Spirit Animal & Swan Totem Powers .

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