They also come in tabby and tabby-white. Each hair is to be of even color from root to the tip of the hair.

We are a CFA registered cattery and recommend visiting the CFA web page to learn more about the Turkish Angora breed. The Turkish Angora cat comes in many solid colors and all these colors should be even, the cat should have one color throughout, and there are to be no markings or shadings anywhere.

While Turkish Angoras are most commonly white, Kaeleron specializes in the more unusual colors that are becoming more and more popular among the Turkish Angora lovers. Unfortunately, often times a Turkish Angora with two blue eyes is deaf. Turkish Angora Breed Council Website (external link) Gallery of Turkish Angora Breed and National Winners Cats are displayed by show season, with the most recent season at the top. Turkish Angora Cat Coat Colors. Turkish Angora. Although the classic Turkish Angora cat is pure white with blue eyes, the breed standard actually allows for over twenty different colors and coat patterns. Color in this picture of a Turkish Angora Cat and others with our library of online coloring pages.

More and more people are realizing how lovely these lithe, elegant creatures look in other colors. It’s said that Turkish sultans sent these cats as gifts to the nobles of France and England during the sixteenth century. Active: The Turkish Angora is a highly active cat that wants to interact with their companions.

The classic white Angora might have blue eyes, but a related genetic component frequently renders these cat deaf.

While the classic Turkish Angora can be a long-haired white cat, they also come in many other colors. The head is small to medium-sized and tapers toward the chin. Save them, send them; they're great for all ages. The most commonly seen patterns are tabby, tortoiseshell, bi-color, and calico.

The coat doesn’t achieve its full length until the cat is approximately two years old. It is a relatively common pure-bred or "pedigreed" domestic cat breed.
There are some others that come in lavender, chocolate, or even black. When it comes to solid colors the Angoras come in white, black, blue, red, cream, and silver. The ears are large, pointed, and tufted, and the eyes are large and almond-shaped. The Turkish Angora is traditionally solid white with a long, well-muscled body. While whites are still very popular today, Turkish Angora breeders have focused increasingly on colored cats. Turkish Vans have predominately white bodies, with colored heads and tails.

The Turkish Angora has a single coat with a silky texture. Despite common beliefs, the Angora’s silky coat comes in many different colors besides white. The Turkish Angora cat comes in many solid colors and all these colors should be even, the cat should have one color throughout, and there are to be no markings or shadings anywhere. They love to play, have a talk and be with you at all times. The Turkish Angora cat is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), the world's largest cat organization.

Each hair is to be of even color from root to the tip of the hair.

The Turkish Angora holds the distinction of being one of the few natural breeds in the feline kingdom. Graceful, elegant and having fine-boned features, the Turkish Angora is perhaps best known for its luxurious, long and silky coat that shimmers as if in constant motion. Because there’s no undercoat to cause mats or tangles, it’s easy to groom with weekly combing or brushing, and it sheds very little. A white coat is their most characteristic but they can display other colors.

The tail is long and tapering. The Turkish Angora is a medium-sized, finely boned breed. every, Turkish Angora breeder has worked with breeders from other continents who do not utilize these colors. 100% Free Cats Coloring Pages. Colors. History The Turkish Angora is one of the older natural breeds and has been noted in many documents from the 15th and 16th centuries. White colored Angoras should have a pure, clear white color that has a beautiful silky sheen to it.

He may have been the first long-haired cat to arrive in Europe.
Size: The Turkish Angora is medium in size and weighs 5 to 10 pounds on average. It has a long, slender torso and neck. You may filter the photos by selecting any combination of show season, color, and cat’s name or partial name.

The Turkish Angora, originally known simply as the Angora, has been called the ballerina of the cat fancy.These gorgeous, graceful cats are said to “dance into your life with their fine-boned elegance draped in a gossamer silk coat in a variety of colors. The Turkish Angora cat has long and silky coats on a sinuous body. Turkish Angora Cat Colors - Solid. Although most people think of the Turkish Angora as being white, it can be a number of different colors and patterns including classic and mackerel tabby. As cameo and cream cameo are simply terms of art, it makes more sense to use the genetic name for the colors when possible, to simplify how the Turkish Angora breed handles red …

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