When Sin Persists in the Church: By Dale A. Robbins . 5-6 - Addresses moral impurity & the church’s attitude toward unrepented sin in the lives of its members. 4 Biblical Elements Missing From The Modern Church Service. In chapter four, Paul sought to warn the Corinthian church. While covering up for a compromised leader, or tolerating sin in the midst of the congregation may appear at first glance to be loving, compassionate, and "good PR," in actuality it is like a lung cancer patient continuing to smoke.

He pointed out that the church must never be tolerant of sin or false teaching and needs to protect herself through discernment and theological firmness. There is crisis of sin and immorality in America’s churches. Take your place with Him at the cross; stand by the cross; yield your life to Him who redeemed you on the cross, and the fire of sin’s judgment can never touch you. The Corinthian church's coddling of this perversion gave the people of Corinth the appearance that God's people would allow this sin—a sin even unbelievers would never tolerate!

The church must accept sinners, but should not accept sin.

To tolerate sin is to bear responsibility - Rom. Sins of adultery, fornication, drunkenness, drug abuse (just to name a few) are rampant among those to claim to be followers of Jesus. [1] Sins like gossip, anger, worry, and frustration, just to name a few, are all respectable sins. church at Corinth. Church at Corinth not grounded in this truth, so much impurity within it.

The Church loves sinners but abhors sin; instead of accommodating itself to the world, and tolerating sin, it should adopt a habit of inculturation as a means of spreading the Gospel. Intro.

I Corinthians 5: 1-13. Inside the church it gave the appearance that one could continue in sin and still remain part of the body. King David was confronted by a man of God and he repented.

The kind of thing the Lord does not want in His church was going on at Thyatira and not being dealt with.

Paul’s warning concerned the sins that were within the. 1. The Church loves sinners but abhors sin; instead of accommodating itself to the world, and tolerating sin, it should adopt a habit of inculturation as a means of spreading the Gospel. Respectable sins are sins we overlook and tolerate because they are common subtle sins of believers. Tolerating sin will only corrupt the heart and mind and cause one to be drawn away from God's grace, because God cannot and will not bless a life that harbors sin… tolerating sin in the church. That intolerance sent His Son to die for us. Unity-- Corinth was divided. c. Others are influenced to sin (cf. It would not be possible to rid the body of Christ of all traces of sin, lest we expel most everyone from the church. C. Protect the Church From Sin – 5:6-8. Anyone named a Christian who’s walking in habitual sin, whether that is viewing pornography or choosing to get drunk each weekend, ... 4 Biblical Elements Missing From The Modern Church Service. INTRODUCTION: A.


much like a father would warn his son. Across our land, many professing Christians are practicing shameful lifestyles that are little different than those of unbelievers. 16:18). 2. This church was tolerating sin in the very two forms that it was forbidden. 12:9) in your life because it is utterly nonsensical to continue tolerating it (see Rom. 2. 2. . Therefore, instead of tolerating and condoning sin, it should be refused and rejected it everywhere it is found—in your personal life and in the church. King Saul, started well but kept doing things his way instead of waiting for God. It was tolerating, if you can imagine this, spiritual fornication, spiritual adultery, espousing to another deity.

We cannot condone continuing sin within the Church. 3. If you’re a believer, you are to “abhor what is evil” (Rom.

1. Eph. SIN IN THE CHURCH! 1:32 (Acts 20:26-27). Let’s open our Bible to Revelation chapter 2. 6:1-2). 1 Corinthians 5. We are to be holy & without blemish (through Christ). Sin and Overcoming (Part 3): The Battle For Eternal Life Sermon by Martin G. Collins. Rom. Purge out from the congregation the disposition to tolerate sin (& the sin itself) - 5:7! 5:25-27 - The purity of the church is the result of being cleansed by the blood of Jesus. Any consistent sin is a danger to the church’s: a. b.

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