In the New Testament this is the name of an apostle.

When he heard that Jesus had risen from the dead he initially doubted the story, until Jesus appeared before him and he examined his wounds himself. In Shakespearean Baby Names the meaning of the name Thomas is: Henry IV' Duke of Clarence. Thomas Wart, country soldier. At first, it was used only for priests. Thomas is the Greek variation of the Aramaic name Ta’oma’. The name Thomas is a Shakespearean Baby Names baby name. It came about because there were too many apostles named Judas; Jesus renamed one Thomas—meaning "twin"—to distinguish him from Judas Iscariot and the Judas also known as Thaddeus. The Thomas surname is of patronymic origin, based on the first name of the father, meaning "son of Thomas," much like Thomason. Thomas Name Meaning English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, and South Indian: from the medieval personal name, of Biblical origin, from Aramaic t’om’a, a byname meaning ‘twin’. The name Thomas is a boy's name of Aramaic origin meaning "twin". The first letter of the name Thomas was originally the Greek "theta" which accounts for the common "TH" spelling. It was borne by one of the disciples of Christ, best known for his scepticism about Christ’s resurrection (John 20:24–29). Due to his renown, the name came into general use in the Christian world. According to tradition he was martyred in India.

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