. The doctrine of the Trinity, considered the core of Christian theology by Trinitarians, is the result of continuous exploration by the church of the biblical data, thrashed out in debate and treatises, eventually formulated at the First Council of Nicaea in AD 325 in a way they believe is consistent with the biblical witness, and further refined in later councils and writings. Rather, it presents six Fathers/patristic texts that reveal key themes of that era of church history and hopefully stir up interest and make the Fathers increasingly a known land. Question: "Who were the early church fathers?" Justification is seen by Protestants as being the theological fault line that divided Roman Catholic from Protestant during the Reformation. I also have seen witness by the Gospel writers and early church fathers that would say they believed in a Reformed theology.

I am a Presbyterian but was at one time a Roman catholic. Later, many of these same anti-Judaic sentiments found their way into the thinking (and writings) of the Early Church fathers. Learning Theology with the Church Fathers offers us that experience. Many of these paintings like Botticelli’s painting of Augustine are featured in Western museums and their replicas in textbooks of church history and theology. Elements of Replacement Theology can be traced as far back as Marcion (A.D. 160), who carried on a theological crusade to purge the Church of what he perceived to be dangerous Jewish errors and influences.

The Faith of Our Fathers: Reclaiming the (North African) Church Fathers. The Early Church Fathers & Other Notables & Events. The book seeks to stimulate a thirst for the Fathers and to reveal how rich the Fathers are in theology and piety. Back to Show Notes Contents.. A number of heresies, often related to the divinity and humanity of Jesus, arose and necessitated attention. assumes that the Bible contains all the facts or truths which form the contents of theology." The Eucharistic Theology of Early Church Fathers. The early church fathers originally only made general statements concerning the “Catholic” belief in God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Some of the Early Church Fathers, especially those of the Golden Age, have been officially recognized by the Pope as “Doctors of the Church” meaning that they are extraordinarily reliable teachers of the Christian faith. Views of the Early Church Fathers. The Church Fathers, Early Church Fathers, Christian Fathers, or Fathers of the Church were ancient and influential Christian theologians and writers who established the intellectual and doctrinal foundations of Christianity.There is no definitive list. They look at the Book Acts’ division in three parts which covers 29 years of the Church’s expansion. April 28, 2011. Joel, who speaks of how he is more Eucharistic-centric than many of his Protestant friends, has a great post up on John Paul II and the Eucharist. The Bible and the Church Fathers is part of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology’s dynamic Journey Through Scripture Bible study series.. Also, there was a major division in the church in terms of language. Click links in the chart for biographies and other information, and see the left column for print resources on the church fathers. . Below are quotes from the early Christian Fathers on Christ as the Word of God, the virgin birth, and the Incarnation. The Eucharistic Theology of Early Church Fathers. With the same insight and love of his subject that he brought to Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers, Christopher A. Of course, I’m pretty Eucharistic-centric too. The Christian Apologists, however, proved its divinity by means of spiritual interpretation and in context of Apostolic Tradition, those teachings passed down … Joel, who speaks of how he is more Eucharistic-centric than many of his Protestant friends, has a great post up on John Paul II and the Eucharist. Of course, I’m pretty Eucharistic-centric too. The early church fathers defended the authentic and original view found in scripture that we still believe today.

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