These days, Archy goes by the name of King Krule. "It hasn't hit me yet," he said, talking about his New York debut. King Krule キング・クルールがニュー・アルバムをリリース きっと今年は音楽の風向きが変わる。キング・クルールことアーチー・マーシャルのニュー・アルバムは、おそらくその最初ののろしになるだろう。たとえばアメリカのフランク・オーシャン同様、時代のアイコンとも呼… As a 54 year old songwriter/producer, I really shouldn't be here, but King Krule does it in every area - from his fantastic (if over used) jazz chords, simple, almost amateurish, understated use of drums to good effect, all the way

"Imagine a king crawling through the city on his hands and knees," he explains. But when we spoke last Wednesday, Marshall-- now known as King Krule-- was mere hours away from his first live U.S. gig ever.

"It's aristocracy at the very bottom."

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