Their heads are generally wider and rounded in appearance. The Texel Guinea Pig’s Unique Features. TEXEL GUINEA PIG. Texels come in many colours, all solid colours, also brindle and roan. They have ringlets or curls that make up their long soft coat. Texel guinea pigs come in a variety of colors and are distinct from regular guinea pigs; they have curly, smooth, soft coat. Their unique look has the power to win hearts in a flash.

… The biggest concern when keeping a Texel Guinea Pig as a … It is one of the newest breeds of guinea pig, being first recognised in the 1990s.

They can certainly be cute, happy addition to your family. The Texel is arguably one of the most beautiful breeds of Guinea pig. The curls are found all over the body, including the underbelly. Texel guinea pig is one of the newest breeds of cavies, as it was officially acknowledged by the ACBA in 1998.

Their friendly and curious personalities are equally admirable, making the Texel a great Guinea pig for a pet or for show. The Texel Guinea Pig is also called the “long-haired Sheltie,” which is a somewhat fitting name. A Texel guinea pig is a relatively new cavy breed – and a very cute one at that! With its curly, lush long hair, the Texel is sometimes nicknamed the “Shirley Temple” of cavies. Texel guinea pigs are long-haired piggies, with curly soft hair that appears in ringlets down their back.

The Texel is another long coated variety of guinea pig, which looks rather like a Sheltie with a perm!

Because of this unique coat, the Texel guinea pig has specific grooming needs.

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