Step 1: Look for sustainable species of tuna. Pole & Line Fishery exists, is sustainable and the best choice in albacore tuna. There are five key questions currently being asked about the sustainability of canned tuna sold in Australia.

While around 32% of all tuna fisheries are already within the MSC program (by landed volume) and an additional 31% in a FIP (by landed volume), over a third are left without any measure for how they are performing or verification of their sustainability.
In March 2017, Whole Foods made history as the first U.S. retailer to commit to selling 100% sustainable canned tuna and upholding strong labor standards. But, in order to be ‘ Tuna pole and line fishing uses hand-held poles to catch the fish. This type of storage is suitable for keeping the mild ocean flavor and can be used on the go as well. Since we launched our first Canned Tuna Guide in 2009, thousands of Australians have written to tuna companies demanding they switch to sustainably caught tuna. So what varieties are sustainable, how should they be caught and from where? In cases where an artisanal fishery employs sustainable fishing methods on a stock of concern, we will support improved management of those tuna stocks in question. Retailers
20 Canned Tuna Brands Ranked: How Sustainable Is Your Brand? Soon, any canned tuna on store shelves will be sourced from best practice fishing methods like pole and line, handline, or troll. Woolworth's tuna thus takes the prize of being the only truly sustainable canned tuna in South Africa. However, each method has a catch. But there is always room for improvement.

MSC labelled tuna comes from a fishery that has been independently assessed to the MSC Fisheries Standard. Understand the Issues. "The magnitude of this – affecting a huge 43% of Australia's canned tuna – makes this a world first." Woolworth's tuna thus takes the prize of being the only truly sustainable canned tuna in South Africa. Your tuna and where it comes from. Your tuna and where it comes from. Your tuna and where it comes from. Understand the Issues.

At the moment, most tuna stocks are at healthy levels4, but there are significant variations and stocks can change. They are stored with water and salt. Sustainable fishing preserves the delicate marine environment and aids in the repopulation of endangered species.

Tuna carrying the blue MSC label is certified sustainable. Well done on bringing SA's first sustainable canned tuna to the … Fishermen using a pole and line fishing method to catch skipjack tuna.

Their canned tunas are one of a kind and the most popular one among them are their solid white Albacore tuna. Tesco is removing several lines of John West tuna from its shelves. However, there can be some discrepancies with these labeling systems.

So it’s a big round of applause for new Princes tuna with the all-important blue tick, says Lucy Siegle

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