If your guinea pig has static mites – which makes it resemble your pig has dust in their fur – you’ll require an exceptional cleanser. Static lice (which are actually mites) are microscopic creatures that live on your guinea pig’s skin and scurry up and down your guinea pigs’ hairs.

The two most common types of mite in guinea pigs are static mites and sarcoptic mites. It is important that owners are familiar with the signs and symptoms, opting to treat the issue early and seek Veterinary assistance if in doubt. Pediculosis in Guinea Pigs. Unfortunately parasites are usual if you keep Guinea Pigs.

Get a cleanser or shower for static mites. Eggs are also laid on the hair shaft and look like small dust particles on a light-coloured pig. Guinea Pigs can contract a number of parasites including mange mites, ringworm, lice and ear mites. Kat 06-09-06, 05:53 pm #6

Young guinea pigs usually nurse for 21 days, although they can survive on solid food alone after 5 days. Biting lice may affect the fur completely depending on how severe the infestation is and increase its population fast. More Guinea Pig help: Fight against Parasites on Guinea Pigs There are a couple of parasites that your Guinea Pig may be infected with or could be attacked from. If you think your guinea pig has lice, it is important to get the correct treatment for their own comfort and to avoid any secondary infections caused by scratching. Such pigs must be kept as free from dust and static lice as possible, and glucocorticoid treatments may sometimes prove useful. Lice and Mites in Guinea Pigs Basics OVERVIEW • Scabies mites (Trixacarus caviae) are the most common and significant ectoparasite of the guinea pig. The mite causes severe itching, hair loss, and flaking skin. The wounds can crust over, especially near the ears. Static mites are parasites that run up and down guinea pigs’ hair shafts, whilst sarcoptic mites are parasites that burrow under guinea pigs’ skin and cause the extremely painful condition known as sarcoptic mange. If your pets have static mites, which look like dust in their fur, you’ll need to treat them with a prescription spray or shampoo. Mites. Mites. Most common… Bathing Guinea Pigs Bathe Guinea Pigs for grooming reasons is not quite elegant. Diagnosing mites and what to expect at the vet. Lice, like mites, are generally considered host specific and need a guinea pig to survive. Most common… Bathing Guinea Pigs Bathe Guinea Pigs for grooming reasons is not quite elegant. Lice are easily treated with topical ivermectin or plain Advantage. They hate water- and in most cases they don't need it on their fur also! Kat 06-09-06, 05:53 pm #6

Guinea pigs have an average of 4 young per litter, with a range of 1–13.

Lice infestation, also called pediculosis, is a common ectoparasitic health issue in guinea pigs. Guinea pigs will occasionally scratch themselves, but repeated scratching may indicate your pet has mites and/or lice, especially if accompanied by hair loss and "dandruff". The life cycle from egg to adult mite ranges from 2 to 14 days.

Lice are tiny, flat white insects that live in a guinea pig’s hair. Most common is Gliricola porcelli (1 to 1.5 mm), the slender guinea pig louse and less common, gyropus ovalis (1 to 1.2 mm), the oval guinea pig louse. This a nice book to find informations in this subject and advices on keeping healthy guinea pigs as household pets.

The main parasites that affect guinea pigs are mange, static lice and running lice. When the guinea pig is stressed, the infestation can flare up, causing distress and discomfort to the guinea pig. Two rounds of shampoos are required each time (with the second one left on for five minutes), one week apart, to ensure that the lice, nits, eggs and lice subsequently hatched from any eggs left It’s important to be aware of what parasites guinea pig’s coats may have living in them, so that you know what you should be looking for. These mites are non-burrowing, living in the fur (pelage), and feed off of the keratin layer of the skin. Lice and Mites in Guinea Pigs Basics OVERVIEW • Scabies mites (Trixacarus caviae) are the most common and significant ectoparasite of the guinea pig.
They hate water- and in most cases they don't need it on their … The young (of both species) are born fully furred and well developed. A mite common only to laboratory colonies of guinea pigs is Chrodiscoides cavaie, also known as "static lice."

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