Ultra Rare. 1.6%.

Upon completion of this step you will have earned the following: Step 1: Make a postcard Earn all the other trophies to unlock one. 13,616 Game Owners 2 Recent Players 192 (1.41%) Platinum Achievers 4% Average Completion 30,577 Trophies Earned 192 (1.41%) 100% Completed StarBlood Arena › 100% Club Trophies Earn 25 Double-Tap medals.


Complete all other StarBlood Arena Trophies. Burner: Earn 25 Double-Tap medals. Veteran Scrapper: Earn 15 Savage medals. See StarBlood Champion. Gladiator Elite: Earn 5 Annihilator medals.

StarBlood Champion: Earn 1 Conqueror medal. Earn 10 Slayer medals. 0.1%. Earn …

Achievements, guides, leaderboards, and discussion forums for StarBlood Arena Fighter Ace: Earn 10 Slayer medals.

Bronze: The Undying: Earn 15 Survivor medals. See StarBlood Champion. Ultra Rare.

Platinum: Tank: Play 25 Ranked Matches with Tik Tak Toh.

Earn 3 Destroyer medals. Silver: StarBlood Legend: Complete all other StarBlood Arena Trophies. Bronze: Team Player: Earn 25 Assist medals.

See StarBlood Champion.

Earn 15 Savage medals. See StarBlood Champion. Complete all other StarBlood Arena Trophies. Burner. Earn 1 Conqueror medal. Complete all other StarBlood Arena Trophies. Earn 5 Annihilator medals. The first thing you want to do is get the easiest trophy in the game. Earn 25 Double-Tap medals. Win 25 Ranked Gridiron matches. Silver: Touchdown!

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