A spin-off of the Fatal Frame series, Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir is a game for the Nintendo 3DS.. Achat Spirit Camera - Le Mémoire Maudit pas cher. Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir offers more than just an innovative story mode, there are a number of extra challenges and spooky mini games to master as well as unlocking the mysteries of the Purple Diary in story mode. Summary: Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir introduces a mysterious girl named Maya who has been hiding in the shadows of an old house. It is said that some people start seeing words that weren't there before and end up being spirited away, later found dead with their faces cut up. This game really does a great job of showcasing the augmented reality capacity of the 3DS. Well, Tecmo Koei’s Spirit Camera feels like the next step forward for AR gaming. Découvrez les coulisses de Spirit Camera : le mémoire maudit dans la dernière entrevue Iwata demande . You cannot play the game … Ce titre transformera votre console en Camera Obscura et vous demandera de regarder votre environnement à travers votre 3DS pour y voir ce que vous ne pouvez observer à l? Spirit Camera: the Cursed Memoir is definitely unique. The game itself needs a lot of space to be played as you will need to be moving the camera around. Spirit Camera : Le Mémoire Maudit sera fourni avec un Carnet Violet cachant bien Pour nous mettre dans l'ambiance, Nintendo nous dévoile une vidéo live de Spirit Camera : Le Mémoire Maudit sur 3DS pour le moins angoissante. Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir (心霊カメラ ~憑いてる手帳~; Shinrei Camera ~Tsuiteru Techou~) is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive Japanese survival horror game and the second spin-off in the Fatal Frame series, co-developed by Tecmo Koei and Nintendo.In this game, the player must discover how to escape the curse of a house that is haunted by a mysterious ghost named Woman in Black.

27/03/2012. In order to discover the secret of the house and escape the curse, you encounter and battle ghosts from the memoir and the house using the Camera Obscura – taking photographs of the ghosts at crucial moments leads to their untimely demise. Much of the gameplay involves using the 3DS camera to battle spirits that invade the player’s home. The game focuses on an object known as the Purple Diary, a book filled with eerie images and words. Some of these enemies are rather straightforward in their attacks, appearing around the player and trying to attack head-on. The booklet is also necessary for gameplay. ?il nu. This is a game that resides neither in the cartridge slot nor the screens of the 3DS. Tecmo Koei en profite donc pour la pousser vers le haut sur la 3DS, avec Spirit Camera: Le Mémoire maudit. hold the 3DS in your left hand and grab the bottom of page 9 as if you were about to turn the page, and start to lift the page up so that the image on the 3DS camera is tilted and then the picture, well the boy in the picture should fall to the left and complete the drawing. But others will hide and use items from the cursed notebook to aid them in battle. The spirit of the old lady is surrounded by purple mist, but except for the one time Maya speaks, you need not use the Purple Mist Lens more than once. A visceral 3D horror tale unfolds before your eyes.

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