SPIRIT CAMERA: THE CURSED MEMOIR is an augmented reality horror video game that relies on the Nintendo 3DS's cameras and motion sensors to provide an altered perspective of the real world. For Nintendo 3DS on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is Spirit Camera worth the money? By using the Nintendo 3DS system’s Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir introduces a mysterious girl named Maya who has been hiding in the shadows of an old house.

By codylubrano | Review Date: Apr 16, 2012 | 3DS (Spoiler Alerts In Review) For me Spirit Camera had some really cool stuff in it however there are a lot of not so cool ideas in it. Its … The game is played almost entirely using the built-in camera functions and augmented reality features of the Nintendo 3DS. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir - Nintendo 3DS at Amazon.com. Spirit Camera is an eerie ghost story that warns you, from the outset, that it needs to be played in a well lit area. Everything you need to know about Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir. All this publication's reviews Read …

Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir is an interesting experiment in AR gaming that expands the possibilities of the 3DS beyond that of just a gaming handheld. Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir Review April 13, 2012 - The newest survival horror game for 3DS has a great concept, but not enough content to back it up. Spirit Camera: the Cursed Memoir is definitely unique. Spirit Camera is probably a tech curiosity at best, but one so unlike any game on the 3DS or any other system that it’s worth checking out at least once. Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir (3DS) Players must help Maya break free from a terrifying curse by aiding her escape from the clutches of a malevolent woman in black. Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir Review. Unfortunately, in bringing Fatal Frame to the camera-equipped 3DS, Spirit Camera takes the series where it was never meant to go: your well-lit living room.%Gallery-153177% Engadget Login The game places the player in the shoes of an unnamed protagonist who has just discovered a supernatural camera (the 3DS) and a spooky diary (a 16-page paper booklet that comes with the game). Home » Reviews » 3DS Reviews » Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir Review (3DS) Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir Review (3DS) 29 May 2012.

That's just the first problem, too. For Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir on the 3DS, FAQ/Walkthrough by Darkstar Ripclaw. Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir (心霊カメラ 〜憑いてる手帳〜, Shinrei Camera ~Tsuiteru Techou~, Spirit Camera: The Possessed Notebook) is a spin-off game in the Fatal Frame series, co-developed by Tecmo Koei and Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS.The game comes with an "AR notebook", the titular Diary of Faces, which the player uses in conjunction with the game. It has its shortcomings, yes--actual gameplay is sparse, the 3DS does frustratingly struggle to recognize the Diary of Faces at times, and yes, the lights do have to be on- … 1:13. Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir for 3DS game reviews & Metacritic score: Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir introduces a mysterious girl named Maya who has been hiding in the shadows of an old house. ". This is a game that resides neither in the cartridge slot nor the screens of the 3DS. For Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir on the 3DS, GameFAQs has 4 reviews.
Read More » Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The Nintendo 3DS system becomes the Camera Obscura in players’ hands and is capable of revealing the supernatural and dispelling evil spirits.

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