Furthermore, there is absolutely no benefit to a dog to let them have a season or litter before being spayed. Any thoughts/experiences please? The chance of avoiding it goes down by 25% after the first heat, and another 25% with subsequent heats. So, I would recommend spaying right away so you have your kitty with you for the next 20 years. If you decide to get her spayed AFTER her season, then you will need to wait 3 months after her 1st season before she can be spayed… There is a fairly complex series of arguments for and against each … It might be nice to do it first and spread the lime first (if it it needs it) so the tillage will incorporate the lime into the ground quicker. Spaying before 5 years of age will eliminate that concern. It is not only external growth that hasnt been reached it is also internal. Spaying before the first heat cycle greatly reduces her risk of developing dog mammary (breast) cancer. It is very important that you don't let your shepherd get fat.

While pets spayed before their first heat cycle have a 0.5 percent incidence of mammary cancer, that number torpedoes to 26 percent for pets spayed after their second heat cycle, with an overall incidence seven times higher for intact females than for spayed ones. For male dogs, adult size is an important factor. I have seen so many bitches and dogs that have been spayed or castrated far too young. Spaying before the first heat greatly reduced the chance of mammary cancer, from what I've read. No, it’s actually easier on your dog to have the surgery before her first heat. Spaying after the first heat cycle but before the second also reduces the risk, but not by as much. about six months is the average age but some dogs are able to be speyed before that if developed enough.

In general, it’s recommended to have your dog spayed either a couple of months before or a couple of months after their first season. Depending on her age but a bi tch usually has her 1st season between 9-12months but it is not uncommon for bitches to come into season well after a year old esp slow maturing breeds.Vets can spay as early as 6 months now,if you get your dog spayed before she has her 1st season you save alot of bother and worrying about it all.Talk to your vet who will be happy to advice you.

Usually the best time to spay if you are going to let them have a season is about 12 weeks after the season … she may have had her first season around that time. I would not recommend spaying before the first season. For females, some recommend spaying before their first heat – as mentioned above – which can be as early as five months old.

Most vets won't spay her until she is 5-6 months old though.

The first heat cycle generally occurs around 7 months for small dogs, and a little later in large breed dogs. And if she does go into heat and one of her particular vices is spraying urine, that habit may not necessarily go away after spaying. So, another reason to spay now. Many of my shepherds don't come into heat until after 1 year of age. its about how developed she is. if so, … The rescue I got Lily from said their vet advised spaying after the first season. Theres so much conflicting information about and even vets opinions vary.

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