Aiyla – Mackerel Mathi/Chaala – Sardine Avoli – Pomfret Aakoli – … Pronunciation has also been added for some fish names to help pronounce correctly these words. Anchovy or silver belly – Velli. Black Pompret – Halwa / Sagoti(Kayi) Black tip shark Pilo. Black Pompret - Halwa / Sagoti(Kayi) Seer fish - /King Mackerel Fish Surmai / Visonu/ Viswon. Whip fin majarra – Shetki. Silver bar – Korli. Barracuda – Tonki.

English names of Fish (Not Fishes) in Marathi Mackerel - Bangda. Sole – Lep. Indo-Pacific king mackerel or popularly (spotted) seer fish (Scomberomorus guttatus) is a sea fish among the mackerel variety of fishes. Reply. Seer fish – Surmai. Scomberomorini is a tribe of ray-finned saltwater bony fishes that is commonly known as the Spanish mackerels, seerfishes or seer fish.This fish closely resembles the King Mackeral.This tribe is a subset of the mackerel family (Scombridae) – a family that it shares with three sister tribes, the tunas, mackerels, and bonitos, and the butterfly kingfish.

Replies. If you want to know more fish names,… Read More »Fish Names in English : Marathi Fish Name to English, मासे Delete. Bombay duck Bombil. It is found in around the Indian Ocean and adjoining seas.It is a popular game fish, growing up to 45 kg (100 lb), and is a strong fighter that has on occasion been seen to leap out of the water when hooked.. Reply.

Fish Names English Marathi Hindi Translation (English Name) (Marathi Hindi Name) Mackerel Bangda Black Pompret Halwa / Sagoti(Kayi) Seer fish /King Mackerel Fish Surmai / Visonu/ Viswon Indian Salmon Raus / Rawas Butterfish /Pomfret Pomplet / Paplet Prawn Jhinga / Chingri / Chemen/ Sungat

Unknown September 14, 2013 at … Boi / White Mullet. Butter fish – … Seer fish – /King Mackerel Fish Surmai / Visonu/ Viswon. I have composed a list of Fishes which are commonly found in Kerala and their corresponding English Names.

... Tuna is called kupa, surmai is Seer fish. Fish is a huge part of the Maharashtrian food culture, We have summarised the names of the most important fishes in English, to help you navigate the recipes in the English language. English-Marathi Names for fishes Pomfret-Paplet, butter fish Halwa-Black Pomfret, saranga Surmai-Seer Fish, king fish(big surmai) Bangda-Mackerel Mori-Shark Prawns-Kolambi or Kolmi or lobster Taarli-Sardines Mandeli-Anchovies, goldfish?

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