In fact, Spanish and Portuguese, its closest European cousin, have a lexical similarity of 89%. I will give you a few examples to illustrate this. lexical similarities between spanish and english This article points out lexical similarities between English and Spanish and analyses the results of research carried out among students at the University of Valladolid in Spain whose native language is Spanish and who study or … Talking about major european languages, the most high similarity is between Spanish and Portuguese and Italian and French - the coefficient is 0.89. On the other hand, if you learn French first, Spanish would then be relatively easy. (where 1 is the fully the same vocabulary). When two verbs immediately follow each other in Spanish and French the second one is generally (usually) conjugated to the infinitive: In the first French example below, two infinitives are used: aller and faire .

Lexical similarity is one of indications of mutual intelligibility between languages. I've noticed a lot of people who are native speakers of one of the major Romance languages (i.e., French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc) say that due to being able to speak one of these languages they can clearly understand any of the others.

Spanish is also partially mutually intelligible with Italian, Sardinian and French, with respective lexical similarities of 82%, 76% and 75%. In linguistics, lexical similarity is a measure of the degree to which the word sets of two given languages are similar. French trails German as the language second most closely related to English, with a lexical similarity of 27%. Catalan is the missing link between Italian and Spanish. ex 1. A lexical similarity of 1 (or 100%) would mean a total overlap between vocabularies, whereas 0 means there are no common words. French and Spanish are indeed members of the Romance branch, but French is an oddity within it. Lexical similarity is a measure of the degree to which the word sets of two given languages are similar. Yet, the two tongues seem to … Romance language lexical similarity? There are many similar languages and if you are a student of English or French you may have noticed some commonalities here and there. Once you start learning Spanish, you will be amazed at how many similarities there are with other European languages, and how much easier it is if you already have some knowledge of another language like French or Italian.

In terms of lexical similarity Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Romanian are considered sister languages. Spanish has an 82% lexical similarity to Italian.

When the Spanish and French languages are compared in this way, they are said to have lexical similarity of 75 percent. The origins of these two languages are not the same. Lexical similarity coefficient (LSC). Romanian is an outlier, in lexical as well as geographic distance. Although they are both members of the Indo-European language family, French is part of the Romance branch--along with Spanish and Italian--rather than the Germanic branch like English. Yes, it's true that Spanish and French share some similarities since they are both based on Latin. There are different ways to define the lexical similarity and the results vary accordingly.

This is lexical distance, so borrowed words make languages closer even when they are not related.

Italian has an 89% similarity to French; English has a 60% similarity to German; source. It's already calculated for pairs of languages. Wikipedia says that Italian is %89 is lexically similar to French and %82 to Spanish, and between French and Spanish there is %75 lexical similarity which is quite high. Spanish vs. Portuguese - is Portuguese Spanish?

Spanish is a bit further.

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