This will open up the bottom left wall, which leads to a small room with the Jewel Sword. Jewel knuckles and Mirror cuirass: Once you reach Outer Wall, go down to the place where a Sword Lord guards a room. Jewel Sword. Thanks in advance. Alright, call me crazy, but I've been through this game twice.. this last time I got all 200.6 percent without using any of the glitches, and somehow I've overlooked the Sword of Dawn.. - If you beat him in under 1 minute of gameplay, Alucard earns +5 HP.

Now this will be the first time trying the "enhanced" port despite owning the PSP Rondo port. In the Coliseum in the normal castle there is a corridor in the bottom left of the area. Normal Castle.

A) In the Entrance there is a large room with a rock in the middle (and mermen leaping around below). And in the Saturn version, equipping the jewels as accessories will give you extra strength.

Jewel Sword, etc. Help. So here I am yet again buying this game but this time it is purely for the trophy whoring for PS4. The full list of items and relics. Leaves jewels as items when killing monsters (though it usually drops those crappy Zircon rings.) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Literally make money using the Jewel Sword. Kill him, enter the room, break the wall, grab the Pot roast and stay quiet in the broken wall for nearly 30 seconds. A listing of the spells that Alucard can cast in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (SotN, PlayStation, PS, PS1, PSX) ATT DEF Sword n/a +0 Badelaire - Power increases with gameplay -30 +0 Tyrfing - Cursed dark sword +2 +0 Alucart Sword - Resembles

Start with better stats: Alucard's attributes changes depending on how Richter destroyed Dracula in Final Stage Bloodlines. Inverted Castle It is full of enemies, and there is a candlestick at the end with $1000 in it. Break through the rock, then fly through it one way in Bat form and then return in Wolf form. SOTN "Enhanced"Jewel Sword Question. Badass kid from downtown Resident Neo GOD » Castlevania: Symphony of the Night » Items » Jewel sword Items The full list of items and relics. Not counting the final room where you fight Shaft and Dracula, I'm one room short. Note: This game is also titled Castlevania: Dracula X. Name Type ATT Special Source Muramasa : Two-hand-5: DEF -4 Continuous Dark Metamorphosis effect Suck blood to gain attack Slash Flurry when actual ATT is 30 or above But the jewel sword was amazing as if you equipped jewels playing the Saturn version the attack power went way up. - If you beat him without getting damaged, Alucard earns +5 HP. » Castlevania: Symphony of the Night » What about the Jewel Sword? It makes it so enemies will drop saleable gems instead of items.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 360 PSX. Now this time, I still can't find that last god damned room. The Jewel Sword is a sword that allows you to transform your enemies into jewels and obtain between one and four golden coins by executing the special command. 0. 15 years ago, I played SotN for the first time but couldn't find all the rooms. » Castlevania: Symphony of the Night » Sword of Dawn. S.Sword Basilard Stone sword Short sword Holbein dagger Rapier Jewel sword Were Bane Shotel Combat knife Sword

Q) Where is the Jewel Sword/Beryl Circlet? I keep the jewel sword equipped the whole time, even when I go to the librarian to unload some of the more common stones for money, to purchase 99 duplicators. Break through the rock, then fly through The changing of the script pushed me away so often. The full list of items and relics.

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