Your score. Game rules - Mouse has 3 lives at the beginning of game - You can lose your life in two situations - Mouse is … 14. São Paulo.

Upon seeing the snake, which usually preys on mouse, it got frightened. Snake. Install. Sometimes a snake won’t eat because he objects to the presentation of the meal.

Defeat snake by covering at least 80% of board with grass. Share . Xonix - Mouse vs. Snake. London. My cousins have a snake, but they only feed it those frozen mice you can buy from the store. The mouse would even sleep on top of the snake! Contains Ads.


Destination arrow_back. But snake told him not to fear but bore a hole in the wooden box, so that both of them can escape from the snake charmer. Snake Ate Mouse That’s Too Big. A snake can get a mouse stuck in its mouth/throat when it’s fed prey that isn’t size-appropriate. Start. A snake charmer had locked up one snake in a wooden box. Swipe your finger to navigate mouse into 4 directions. Pick up as many passengers as you can. 0. Somehow a mouse entered into that box, in search of food.

The little thing lived for A MONTH in the cage with the snake (cousins were feeding it).

Play again Exit to home. It may be that your pet has been viewing you as a threat, causing the refusal to eat. Cairo. Got it . Enclose line to build new grass blocks. Running off the map or into your own vehicle will end the game. 0. Sydney. Words as Weapons : Free arcade games Arcade. World. San Francisco. Score.

Destination arrow_back. Be careful! Exit to home. Tokyo.

Choose a destination arrow_back.

Destination arrow_back . If he’s hiding, slip the prey item into the hide box with the snake, turn off the lights and leave the room. Add to Wishlist. Once, the store was out of the right size of mouse for it, so they just bought a live one. Snake Vs Mouse Story. A snake will just ‘try’ to eat whatever food that you give it when it’s feeling hungry, and that’s when you run into problems.

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