Carbon fibre propeller for paramotor, Simonini mini 2 evo, 130cm. Moteur SIMONINI Mini 4 Plus complet comprenant : le réducteur à courroie Poly V avec démarreur électrique, le carburateur WALBRO WB 37, le filtre à air et le pot d'échappement. 230 cc Ø 70mm, course 60mm, sans culasse. English (305) 256-5650 Español (305) 506-6656 Email: [email protected] Aerolight LLC 15160 SW 136 Street Unit #3 Miami, FL 33196 Open in Google Maps We stock all parts for both the Vittorazi and Simonini engines. During the running-in stage, use an oil percentage of 3,5% and then move to 3% once the stage has been completed. U-Turn USA is the official US service center for Vittorazi and Simonini Mini 2 plus engines. Email us - PPGHERO@GMAIL.COM. Modele SI7. Neuf. Quick sale! 353 lb / 160 kg (48“ Prop.) Apr 26, 2018 - - ZERO GRAVITY SIMONINI MINI 2 PLUS U-Turn USA - Home of the World's Best Powered Paragliders and Paramotor Instruction & Equipment. Pourquoi ne pas aller directement pour un avion? More Information SUITABLE FOR MOTOR-GLIDER, ONE-SEAT TRIKE AND PARAMOTOR MINI 2 PLUS DISPLACEMENT : 202CC Bore : 66,4 mm Stroke: 58 mm Displacement : 202 cc Compression Ratio : 10,5/1 Ready to fly : 18,300kg Consumption at 5000rpm : 2,2 liters/hrs Power at 7500rpm : 26hp Static thrust : Over 80kg Exploded View Un projet de rêve pour de nombreux fétichistes de la puissance et des tuners ambitieux est l'adaptation d'un cylindre d'un moteur de véhicules plus puissant et avancé pour s'adapter à leur moteur de scooters classiques.

Descarga el Manual del Motor Simonini Mini 2 Plus Download the Manual of the Simonini Mini 2 Plus Engine Télécharger le manuel le moteur Simonini Mini 2 Plus. Type : 2 temps monocylindre – Refroidissement par air. The inner CORE is constructed with composite PARABEAM 3D fabric. Contact us - USA - 1-800-707-2525 or International - 1-801-631-1731. Simonini Mini 2 (Now) Nirvana 4 Stroke (4Q'09) ... Simonini MINI 2 Plus, NIRVANA Tuning. Ajouter au panier. Simonini Mini 2 Parts List.

$299.97 Regular Price. 190,00 EUR; Achat immédiat +25,00 EUR de frais de livraison; Provenance : Ukraine; EProps 2 Blade Carbon Fiber Simonini Mini2 Propeller PPG Scimitar. Condition Nouveau . Vortex Aero advanced composite propellers are constructed with the latest in Hybird composite materials. Vortex Aero advanced composite propellers are constructed with the latest in Hybird composite materials. Simonini Mini 2 Parts Click image of Simonini Mini 2 to enlarge in new window . We use precision machined molds to make sure each blade is straight and true everytime. The MINI 2 PLUS engine is designed to operate with a gasoline/oil mixture. Simonini states my engine should run 3% oil with standard pump petrol, reduced to 2.5% if running Avgas or another source of leaded petrol. DIMENSIONS. Download the Manual of the Simonini Mini 2 Plus Engine Télécharger le manuel le moteur Simonini Mini 2 Plus. SIMONINI MANUAL TECHNICAL DATES Motor Simonini 200ccm Type 2-stroke, 1 cylinder Power 15,5 kW Cooling Air Starter Manual / E-Starter Carburettor Bing 84, 32mm Exhaust Resonator Propeller 2-Blade Diameter 44“- 48“ (110 - 122 cm) Weight from 54 lb Tank 10 Liter Max.

Cylindre SIMONINI Mini 2 Evo. CYLINDRE SIMONINI MINI 2 pour modèle S. 1 Article. CARACTERISTIQUES. 1: Simonini Mini 2 PLUS-2.60 125cm. $239.97 Sale Price.

CYLINDRE SIMONINI MINI 2. We use precision machined molds to make sure each blade is straight and true everytime. Envoyer à un ami *: *: * Imprimer ; 328,68 € Quantité. 309,76 EUR; ou Offre directe +54,90 EUR de frais de livraison; Provenance : États-Unis; Formalités douanières et suivi international fournis. Tweet Partager Google+ Pinterest . $289.97 Price. 2.244,00 € 49999g -+ Ajouter au Panier. Alésage : 62 mm.

Course : 54,50 mm. ACCESSOIRES. We recommend using a semi-synthetic oil (for example, BARDAHL VBA SYNT) that, although inferior to a pure synthetic, remains mixed with gasoline in the tank for a longer period. Used Simonini Mini 2 Plus S ,around 10 hours, Electric Start and Pull Start ,BING Carburetor 155 cm HELIX carbon propeller, Exellent condition. Take of weight 308 lb / 140 kg (44“ Prop.) For Powered Parargliding, paramotoring, paramotor trike the Vittorazi Moster and Simonini Mini 2 plus currently offer the best power to weight ratio for the cost of any other engine in the PPG market. Cylindrée : 164 cc.

Simonini Mini 2 PLUS-2.26 125cm Special order. Power : 27 HP (@ 6,800 rpm) Ignition : NIRVANA CIR (electronic with pre-ignition and battery charging regulation, microprocessor controlled start/stop button, motor-hour recorder and rpm meter output) Neuf . Kobra suggested 2.5% synthetic oil is also fine with high octane unleaded petrol and will actually run slightly better, but so far I'm happy to stick to 3% as I get almost no visible smoke or oil fouling on the prop.

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