The silver tabby is the best known of the American shorthair’s more than 80 color and pattern variations. Despite popular belief, the term “tabby” isn’t the name of a cat breed. Chateau Cat - Tawny & White No.1 . Alternative Names: N/A.

It's no surprise because of its elegant nature that it's one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. 1 * Chateau Cat - Slate & White No. Calling a cat a "tabby" is a descriptive tag only. Besides white, the breed features a range of coat colors and patterns and typically has amber, blue, or green eyes. Confetti. Origin: Iran.

Average Lifespan: 12-17 Years .

It is a medium-sized breed with coats coming in grey, black, blue, white, cream, gold and silver colours. This pattern is so widely spread that you can find a lot of pedigreed tabby cat breeds. Chateau Cat - Silver & White No.

Alternative Names: Longhair or Persian Longhair. However, those with silver tones appear to be the most popular and warrants their place on this list of gray haired cat breeds. by Anne Woods . The breed came about in an attempt to create a silver-coloured Persian cat. Persian Cat AP Persian Cats have a whole lotta fur which makes them one of the most glamorous cats on our list. Tabby is a coat pattern that features stripes, dots, lines, or swirls with a distinctive “M” marking on the forehead. Silver tabbies are the most popular American shorthairs. The European shorthair is one of the most common and oldest cat breeds in Europe. Considering tabby cats to be a feline breed can be a common misconception among cat owners. With their beautiful looks, pleasant personalities and good health, American shorthairs understandably rank among the 10 most popular cat breeds.

Its unusual coat pattern, which displays a “wood grain” effect, is a crowd-pleaser at cat shows, and its friendly nature is perfect for those seeking an animal … European Shorthair Another case of the naming of a cat breed being a little misleading, the European Shorthair also has African roots in its lineage. Chinnie was the result of a chance mating between a blue Persian and a stray tom of unknown origins. Origin: United States. This exotic cat originates from the Sokoke district of eastern Kenya, but was further developed in Denmark. 1 . Since then the breed has adapted well to the British climate with a thick short coat. These cats are generally affectionate, playful, and intelligent, and they do well in various environments. It has a thick coat , large eyes and a shortened muzzle. Tabby cats come in four basic patterns, which can then be classified into distinctive color groups, including brown, blue, red, cream or silver. These cats have a white undercoat that accentuates their bright silver fur and bold black markings, giving them an especially striking appearance. Chateau Cat - Toffee Caramel . Breed Description: Long haired breed of cat that has a short round face with a wide head. Bengal Cat. Information on Silver Tabby American Shorthair Cats. Here is a list of the top cat breeds with pictures: Persian Cat. It is one of the oldest man-made breeds beginning in 1882 with a cat called Chinnie. However, many people still associate the term “tabby” with domestic cats that roam the streets and peek out of dumpsters. This cat breed is one of the oldest known cat breeds in the world and was imported from Egypt to Britain in the 1st century AD. Silver Tabby Pattern.

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