Male cats are especially aggressive and these cats keep fighting. They have all been to the vet and have ruled out major health issues. Sometimes, they also dominate female cats. The fighting begins Suddenly, a rivalry began to form between them. Aggression: Some cats can be aggressive by nature.

Their tails get puffy and the hissing, screeching and growling is … We have two domestic short hair cats, age 2.5 years. Here's the situation. Your cat may need to act out their aggression by picking fights with their brothers and sisters or by causing a fight with a strange cat. Dear Most Esteemed and Knowledgeable Kitties: Two of my three cats suddenly started not being able to stand being in the same room together after living together for four years with no problems. They've been with us since they were 7 months. They are littermates adopted from a no kill shelter. Hi guys, It's another of those "why do my cats suddenly hate each other" threads. When you have sibling cats suddenly fighting, I would first look at considering if they are resource guarding – they should have their own separate food bowls, a multitude of toys, and you should have at least 3 litterboxes in the house. Originally it was one a month, mainly at night, but has now progressed to almost daily. It can be very confusing and frustrating when companion cats who have previously lived together in harmony, suddenly decide to engage in a turf war. My 3 year old brother and sister cats are suddenly fighting. by Susan (Windsor, ON) My 2 cats, one male, one female, both fixed, have begun fighting. In some cases, the cats have lived under one roof with an ongoing degree of tension that has now turned to outright hostility and aggression. Lonestar (the male), which started off as the runt, now had almost three pounds on his sister, Vespa. Other than a constant need to have their ears cleaned, the vet […]

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