Sarpy County, NE jails hold prisoners after an arrest or people who have been transferred to the county from a detention center. ROAD PATROL . Sarpy County, Nebraska is hiring a Receptionist.. Full time.

These correctional facilities have private cells for extremely violent criminals or controversial suspects. The Sarpy County Jail is nestled in Papillion, Nebraska. Sarpy Sheriff's Office Sheriff's Administration, Investigations, and Road Patrol 8335 Platteview Road Papillion NE 68046 402-593-2288 Hours Sarpy County Jail 1208 Golden Gate Drive Papillion NE 68046 402-593-2298 Hours Patrick J. Thomas Juvenile Justice Center 9701 Portal Road LaVista, NE 68128-3150 402-537-7000 Hours Sarpy County Impound Lot The Inmate Search Page for the Sarpy County Jail: • Inmate’s Booking Information • Inmate’s Mugshot • Criminal Charges On occasion, the Sarpy County Jail will take in some of the Papillion Department of Corrections inmates on a temporary basis. Profile: The Records Management department provides Sarpy County user departments with record storage, retrieval, retention management, document imaging, training, record process consulting, and access to Sarpy County’s record management system.
Park in the east parking lot near the east entrance to the Courthouse; Remain in your car until you are alerted via phone/text that it is time for your appointment. Sarpy County holds 2 jails with a total of 114,493 inmates. Effective immediately, we will be unable to provide any services in person. Registration will allow vendors to be automatically notified when projects are bidding in all Sarpy County departments. The Sarpy County Jail is operated on a 24-hour basis by a commander, 10 correctional officers, 3 sergeants, alongside one transport officer. The Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office is the law enforcement agency responsible for overseeing all the day to day operations of the Sarpy County Jail. Sarpy County Jail offender search: DOB, Statute, Mugshots, Booking Date, Court Date, Who's in jail, Bookings, Charges, Alias, Marriage and Divorce Records, Arrests, Case #, Jail Roster, Height, Release Date, Court Date, Loc, Cell Location, Bond, Sex, Race, Charges, Defendant Record, Detainer Information. If you need help making an appointment, call the Sarpy County Helpline at (402) 593-1593. Great benefits. Vendors interested in doing business with Sarpy County should register here: Sarpy County Jail offender search: Bookings, Status, Release Date, Who's in jail, Status, Defendant Record, Arrests, Jail Roster, Bond, Mugshots, Booking Date, FileNo, Race, Code.
To view job postings and/or apply ONLINE just click the "Job Opportunities" link at the bottom of this page. Majority of inmates in the Sarpy County Jail are either waiting for their trial or serving out their sentence. The Sarpy County Jail is in Papillion, Nebraska. Sarpy County Jail - Visitation at 1208 Golden Gate Dr, Papillion, NE. The first Sarpy County Jail closed its doors for the last time On July 1, 2009. Sarpy County Jail Visiting Rules | Sarpy County Jails, Federal BOP Prisons, & Sarpy County DOC Inmate Locator. Sarpy County Jail 1208 Golden Gate Drive Papillion NE 68046 402-593-2298 Hours Patrick J. Thomas Juvenile Justice Center 9701 Portal Road LaVista, NE 68128-3150 402-537-7000 Hours Sarpy County Impound Lot 14242 South 156th Street Springfield, Nebraska 402-253-2590 Hours . It can be a tough transition finding out that a friend or loved one is in jail. We hope this temporary inconvenience is short lived and that we can resume normal business practices soon. Electronic bidding (eBid) is now live for Sarpy County vendors. Sarpy County Jail’s inmate population has diminished during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Sarpy County Jail Bail Bonds If you know somebody waiting in the Sarpy County Jail to be bonded out it is very important that you find a qualified, licensed bail bond agency: With the sea of bail bond providers available, how do you know which one to choose? Sarpy County Jail Prison Information. Services to agencies outside of the courthouse but within Sarpy County are also available. Sarpy County Jail. Send Photos to any Nebraska Department of Corrections facility, Mail Commissary Account Money, Save 70% on Inmate Phone Calls or Write a Prisoner Letters

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