"Santa Gertrudis cattle" are a tropical beef breed of cattle developed in southern Texas on the King Ranch.

Sire is in your pocket & not aggressive, does not tear up fencing. 1.7K likes. Santa Gertrudis is the oldest officially-recognised beef breed in America! Male Santa gertrudis cattle have hump on their body. Table 2 gives the probability of a polled bull being homozygous polled if no horned calves are produced from matings with horned … This is an in-depth guide of how to identify Santa Gertrudis cattle. Five Oaks Ranch located in Central Texas features purebred polled and horned Santa Gertrudis cattle. 1.8K likes. The breed can be either horned or polled. The female is noted for ease of calving and milking ability.

How to Identify Santa Gertrudis Cattle. DOMESTIC $ : $55 / straw - 10 to 50 straw package, $44 / straw - 50 to 100 straw package, $33 / straw - 100+ straw package, All Incl. They are large framed with an influence of Bos Indicus in their appearance. Promoting Polled Santa Gertrudis Cattle. Is a santa gertrudis polled or horned? Santa Gertrudis Cattle Characteristics. The breed got its name from the Santa Gertrudis Creek on the enormous ranch. Whether you are producing purebred, commercial or feedlot animals, Santa Gertrudis combine all the traits needed for performance and profitability. These cattle have very less fat on their body but still these are resistant to the extreme external environments. We are serious about the beef business! They have a short, smooth and slick coat. Ears are medium to large and individuals are horned or … Polled Santa Gertrudis Association. Mature weight in cows ranges from 1,100 - 1,200 pounds, while bulls tip the scales from 1,800 - 2,000 pounds. Santa Gertrudis cattle show many of the Bos indicus characteristics: the hide is loose and there are neck and navel folds; the male has a small Zebu-type hump. Their coats are usually red, sleek and short. We need you to answer this question!

In color, they range from a light red or honey to a Santa Gertrudis cherry red. Polled Santa Gertrudis Association. Some range from a reddish-brown to dark brown. The Star Five range from a light red or honey in color, to a Santa Gertrudis cherry red. They actually show many of the Bos indicus characteristics.

This is an in-depth guide of how to identify Santa Gertrudis cattle. Defining Characteristics Note: The name "Gertrudis" is pronounced "ger-TRU-dee." Promoting Polled Santa Gertrudis Cattle. On their underbellies there is often some white colouring. Santa Gertrudis cattle are acceptable under the Standard of Excellence either horned or polled. Their confirmation is broad, strong and well muscled, they may be polled or horned. GST. Sire has King Ranch bloodlines & is registered, dams are all registered.

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