How and When Yellow Sac Spiders Search for Prey. Shelters in cracks and crevices. Though generally small in size, their large eyes, prodigious jumping ability, often brilliant colours and cocky, inquisitive activity make them very appealing. Approximately 20 to 35mm in body length.

Bites take some time to heal and may remain tender for days, but Sac Spiders do not have lethal poison in their venom. The yellow sac spider over winters as spiderlings (juveniles) and molts to the adult stage during spring. The Sac Spider may get trapped inside a piece of clothing that is chosen for wear and bite to escape confinement between the person's skin and the clothes. Two of the commonest Australian species are Lycosa godeffroyi and L. leuckartii, with a wide range in the temperate parts of the continent. Females of the yellow sac spider cover her loosely distributed eggs with thin white silk. Many are daylight hunters, using their excellent vision to track, stalk and calculate distance, before suddenly leaping on their prey, propelled by their strong back legs. Featured are the Sydney Funnel Web Spider, Red Back Spider, Wolf Spider, White Tail spider, Black House Spider, Huntsman Spider, Daddy Long Legs Spider, Yellow Sac Spider, Golden Orb Weaver Spider, Harvestman, Jumping Spider, Australian Tarantula Spider, Recluse Spider and other spiders with notes to aid in identification. Due to it’s size, it is often confused with the “tarantula” , which Australia does have a native variety of, however this spider is not in that family.

Adults can be found from April through November, but in the hottest months, small spiders make up the largest proportion of the population. Wolf spiders have eight eyes in three rows (4,2,2), with the four smaller eyes in front and the four largest arranged in a square on top of the high and convex head. While these two spiders have a lot in common, it’s important to remember that the bite from a yellow sacspider is not as serious. If a victim frequently scratches or touches the bite wound, it can get infected adding to the time it takes to fully recover. Frequents interior ceilings and walls. Identification. Yellow sac spider bites are often mistaken for brown recluse spider bites. Light grey to dark brown in colour. The jumping spiders are the personalities of the spider world.

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