Define diamond in the rough. 5. This idiom appeared, in the form of “rough diamond” as early as …

Idiom Wines: Rough diamond in the bundu's - See 245 traveller reviews, 255 candid photos, and great deals for Sir Lowry's Pass, South Africa, at Tripadvisor. (idiomatic) A person whose goodness or other positive qualities are hidden by a harsh or unremarkable surface appearance. Someone (or something) that has hidden exceptional characteristics and/or future potential, but currently lacks the final touches that would make them (or it) truly stand out from the crowd. Mitchell may have been a rough diamond, but he was absolutely loyal to his employer. Learn more. The auto mechanic is a diamond in the rough, tough-talking, but honest, even generous Top diamond in the rough synonyms (idioms) . Marden was the rough diamond of the three, feared for his ruthlessness but respected for his First World War Military Cross. Bob is intelligent and trustworthy but lacks sophistication, he is a rough diamond. 2. Having a surface marked by irregularities, protuberances, or ridges; not smooth: planed the board so it was no longer rough. The phrase is a metaphor clearly referring to the original unpolished state of diamond gemstones, especially those that have the potential to become high quality jewels. Note: A rough diamond is a diamond that has not yet been cut and polished. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend: a phrase first written for Broadway and later popularized to an enormous extent through none other than Marilyn Monroe in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. diamond in the rough synonyms, diamond in the rough pronunciation, diamond in the rough translation, English dictionary definition of diamond in the rough. Idiom. 1. Origin. What does diamond in the rough expression mean? She's a diamond in the rough - a little hard to take at times, but very elegant and cooperative. If you think of a diamond, something shiny and precious … Rickey looks a little messy, but he's a diamond in the rough. An idiom is a phrase or group of words that combine to create a meaning.

Diamond in the Rough: Origin and Meaning. n. 1. Friend 2: That is a piece of junk.It is old and rusty and in really bad shape.

A diamond in the rough (Idiom, English) A person who is usually, notably of good character but lacks manners (etiquette), education, fashion style, sophistication. Meaning of Idiom 'Diamond in the Rough' When we call someone or something 'a diamond in the rough' we mean that their good. 3. Change your default dictionary to American English. Also: Rough diamond. Diamond in the rough idiom - Jan 1, The origin of the idiom 'a diamond in the rough' isn't known, but it's safe to say that the term was used as early as the s; a similar term first. Friend 1: Check out this vintage motorcycle that I bought for only fifty dollars.. diamond in the rough phrase. Definition of diamond in the rough in the Idioms Dictionary. They are highly skilled craftsmen or artisans who are responsible for cutting, polishing and transforming a rough diamond into a finished gemstone ready for setting. What's the origin of the phrase 'A diamond in the rough'? It is more commonly expressed in the form 'rough diamond'. For instance, 'diamond in the rough' is a common idiom used in the English language. This is the British English definition of rough diamond.View American English definition of rough diamond. b. Friend 1: You see junk and I see a diamond in the rough.This is a classic motorcycle and when I get it all fixed up, it will be a really nice motorcycle, probably worth around five thousand dollars. The idiom is based on the fact that when a diamond is rough, you cannot see it’s true beauty. Idiom of the Week; Diamond in the Rough: Origin and Meaning; Latest Idiom List of Idioms. The phrase is metaphorical and relates to the fact that naturally occurring diamonds are quite ordinary at first glance, and that their true beauty as jewels is only realized through the cutting and polishing process. someone who you know has hidden qualities that you think will emerge with a bit of a push or training; usually used in the business environment to describe someone showing potential. Meaning . Hell, "A diamond is forever" isn't even an idiom, not really. A rough diamond is a person who might be a bit rude but who is good underneath it all. Top synonyms for diamond in the rough (other words for diamond in the rough) are rough diamond, hidden gem and uncut diamond.

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