Kitty smiled, correcting him.
No one ever knows when they're counting down to a life-changing moment. He rolled his eyes but didn't disagree.. "Then again, Rogue is always a little cranky."

Rogue is cranky!"

If Rogue is really is pregnant, she's going to need all of our strength. Remy's missing and Rogue isn't sure where he went to, but leaving the x-men a year previously, she has to go back and seek help from them if she wants to find her missing husband. Born as Anna Marie, she also enjoyed the attentions of her Aunt Carrie on her mother's side. "Aww.. "Okay, I know for a fact that's not your kid. Rogue knew, thanks to Gambit's memories she had absorbed in the bayou, some about Sinister and his Marauders. What she doesn't need is everyone blaming Gambit for the choices they made together." A prequel/flashback WIP to go with the What If story "But Here We Are". Rogue leaves the Institute to go back to her home, to find out what her name was and to recover a piece of herself.

Gambit Stories Refine by tag: gambit x-men xmen rogue wolverine remylebeau marvel cyclops magneto remy nightcrawler mutants professorx xmenfanfic storm logan beast colossus lebeau avengers Over time, Rogue's own abilities returned, although exactly how and when was never revealed or discussed. At first, both parents found it sweet, but the expecting Southerner quickly changed her … "Moody."

Ever since Rogue's pregnancy became official, the whole of the mansion's population took it as their personal duty to make sure she didn't do anything. . The new WRFA. .It's probably just a mistake. However, she no longer possessed the abilities she had absorbed from Ms. Marvel. Written between 2014 and 2015 by bedlamsbard, Queen's Gambit is a novel-length Star Wars Prequels and The Clone Wars fanfic. It deals with Padmé, Anakin and Obi-Wan arriving in an Alternate Universe: One where Anakin was never trained as a Jedi, Amidala stayed queen and lead Naboo in seceding, and Obi-Wan left the Order and became her lover and bodyguard. She gave Gambit a look. Baby Reader falls into the hands of the X-Men ... Logan rolled out of bed, and followed the sound to kitchen, where he saw Gambit and Rogue with a baby. ... You are pregnant." Rogue crossed her arms defensively over her chest. All new additions and a growing number of the older stories can be found here. He put the chart back down and smiled at Gambit.

Friends, lovers,'s all welcome here. She's going to need her friends, whether or not she thinks she does. It just appears that Rogue is pregnant. 1 X-men: Evolution challenges by owensbus4 X-men: Evolution challenges, if you write a story based on my challenge please PM me with the title. Fanfiction. "Excuse meh, But Ah'm not the same girl ya used ta know."

... We've seen Romy C2's.They're no Storm and Gambit C2s and they're best friends in Xmen 95's version.So I felt like making one.Be free to subcribe. Everything went black as Rogue fainted. That would, of course, result in harm to the mother or the child. "It's good to have the two of you back," he said. Gambit (Remy Etienne LeBeau) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with the X-Men.The character was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Jim Lee.Drawn by artist Mike Collins, Gambit made his first appearances in Uncanny X-Men Annual #14 (July 1990) and Uncanny X-Men #266 (August 1990). On the way, she runs into a familiar face: Gambit, stranded on the side of the road.
She was a mutant going by the name Vertigo.

Rogue and Lance FanFiction. "It good t'be back mon ami," he said and looked back down at Rogue. Rogue and Gambit were both put on Havok's team and participated in various missions.

K, English, words: 161, 2/9 6 The Thief and the Archmage by Chellerbelle Written for Rogue/Gambit 2020 Fanworks week, Day 7: Alternate Universe. He froze for a second, a bit stunned. Rogue's Baby, is set in X-Men: Evolution. The commune's failed attempt to use Native American mysticism to reach the Far Banks resulted in Priscilla's disappearance.

Rogue was introduced in the pages of Avengers, before becoming a regular member of Uncanny X-Men in 1983, and was the first new recruit to the team after Kitty Pryde. Cross-Posted on FanFiction.Net; Unplanned Pregnancy; Summary. "It's a side effect of Rogue being pregnant." Rogue's parents, Owen and Priscilla, married early in their relationship and lived in a back-to-nature hippie commune in Caldecott County, Mississippi.

But how can that be . She was a Marauder. Mystique succeeded in bringing Rogue and Nightcrawler back into the Brotherhood’s fold thanks to promise of family and a power-suppressing collar, which lets Rogue enjoy her new family in … Rogue and Gambit returned to the X-Men as part of Marvel's ReLoad. Rogue and Gambit are about to get an unexpected surprise.

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