Preparation. I want to put in a fuel pump kill switch but I am also installing a remote start, viper 5900. The kill switch kit will include: 1 mini-toggle switch, wire, and 10 minute installation instructions.

#2 Fuse Box Kill Switch. I received some new information from a Z32 owner who did this install and had some advice concerning the install and positioning of a fuse. I also believe they make remote starter/anti theft kits that include such a kill switch that requires a specific function before allowing vehicle to start.

This list of instructions illustrates the process to install a switch which will cut power to the fuel pump when desired for extra security. The switch itself is 1/2" long and 1/4" wide, so you can hide it anywhere in the front seat area. I want to install a Kill Switch on my truck but with all the modern technologies in these trucks, I dont want to mess anything up. Considering adding in this $20 item to the electronic fuel pump circuit in my restomod Nomad build...specifically to kill the power to the fuel pump relay in the event of a hard crash, rollover, etc. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 1950ChevySuburban, Mar 3, 2007. Craig Sracecraft, Mar 3, 2007. This is an effective theft preventer for the Z32. We will also assist you via email if you have any questions. Main Relay Kill Switch Introduction. Before we start cutting any wires we really need to understand the fuel pump’s electrical circuit. The kill switch can save a life, think electric fuel pump. 3Built’s Remote Engine Shut-off Systems (RES) were developed to instantly cut the engine’s ignition system with the push of a button. No need to run after your child with 10 foot rope tethered kill switch. Dont take it too lightly. Locate the fuel pump connector. This kill switch can lower your insurance rates depending on the insurance company. Remote fuel pump kill switch - Looking at this from an auto wiring perspective this is the easiest to achieve. Electrical – Fuel Pump Kill Switch. Then connect the other wire from the switch to the remaining end of the cut-off hot wire to allow electricity to flow to the fuel pump when the kill switch is in the on position. Inline fuse bypass switch is another way of disabling your car. The fuel pump relay kill switch (FPRK) essentially cuts power to the fuel pump. Find the best kill switches for cars and trucks at AutoZone and keep your ride as secure as possible the next time you lock your doors and head indoors. I was wondering how i would wire it up so when i press the aux button on the remote it cuts power to the fuel pump, remote fuel kill switch - Hi, so I'm new to relays and i have been trying to find out how to use my alarm aux wire for a fuel kill switch, so that there is no actual switch in the car. Installing a kill switch of fuel pump - For security reasons, I'm looking to install a toggle or starter switch inline with my fuel pump relay. Hello guys. A kill switch does much more than just alert you that a thief is attempting to access your car or truck – it completely eliminates the likelihood that they'll drive away with your vehicle.

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