More information on the Company's auditors is available in the Audit Committee's Report in the 2018/19 Annual Report. A qualified opinion is a reflection of the auditor’s inability to give an unqualified, or clean, audit opinion. Kingfisher Airlines auditor’s report. Having another audit firm review the corrections seems a more reasonable strategy given what Ernst & Young ShinNihon missed, for whatever reason, over the span of six years. We conducted our audit of the standalone financial statements in accordance with the Standards on Auditing specified under section 143(10) of the Act (SAs). Check out the Auditors Report about Kingfisher airlines ltd on NSE, BSE and Future at IIFL. Stay updated for latest stock price. Independent Investigation Committee . View auditor’s report of the various companies, comments of auditors, annexure to the auditor’s report Re: United Breweries (Holdings) Limited. Get the live stock/share price. Brand Kingfisher prides itself as being the King of good times. In the FY11 annual report, Kingfisher’s audit firm BK Ramadhyani & Co has raised attention to and qualified several aspects of the financial statement. Expertise and experience: Rakhi is a highly experienced director in digital retailing, having spent 11 years at Annexure to the Independent Auditor's Report. But things look slightly different on the balance sheet of group company - Kingfisher Airlines. For Toshiba Corporation .

The institute has also issued notices to the auditors of United Spirits, UB group and other group companies to join the probe.

This document is an English language translation of a document originally prepared in the … With the exception of Philippe Tible, who stepped down as a Director of Kingfisher plc on 31 July 2014, there have been no changes in the period. Doing so would provide another set of eyes on the circumstances that led to the accounting inaccuracies and independently verify the accuracy of the restated amounts. New Delhi: Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has set up a financial review board to look into the alleged financial irregularities at United Spirits, UB group and Kingfisher Airlines in the past few years. Our responsibilities under those Standards are further described in the Auditor’s Responsibilities for the Audit of the Standalone Financial Statements section of our report. Qualified Audit Report Review Committee News and Updates from The The Company's policy on the use of the external auditor for non-audit … TRANSLATION FOR REFERENCE PURPOSE S ONLY . July 20, 2015 . Most recently she was director, UK media at Amazon, responsible for ranges such as books, music and DVDs.

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