Indulgences Granted to Members of Dominican Laity ... gladly concedes a plenary indulgence to be acquired by the aforesaid members, provided the usual conditions (confession, communion and prayer for the intentions of the Supreme Pontiff) are properly fulfilled, who make or renew, at least privately, the promise to faithfully observe the statutes of the fraternity: 1. This plenary indulgence, which Leo XIII (also a "Slave of Mary") had granted for only seven years, was now granted "in perpetuum"—in perpetuity Indulgences, three hundred days each day, by assisting at a public function or performing the devotion in private, plenary indulgence on any day of the month or on one of the first eight days of June under the usual conditions (Pius VII, March 21, 1815, for ten years; June 18, 1822 in perpetuum). Three other conditions must be fulfilled: A sacramental confession ; Eucharistic Communion ; Prayers for the Pope's intentions

Indulgences, for the public devotion: seven years and seven quarantines each day; plenary indulgence on any day in July or 1-8 August, after having assisted eight times at a public function under the usual conditions ; if the devotion be held privately three hundred days each day with plenary indulgence on 31 July, or 1-8 of August ( Pius IX, 4 June, 1850).

PLENARY INDULGENCE An indulgence that can remove all the temporal punishment due to forgiven sin. * to gain a plenary indulgence one must perform the indulgenced act. The privilege was limited (ad tempus ) or unlimited ( in perpetuum ), daily ( quotidianum ) or only on certain days of the year. I wish to communicate that on March 30, 2012, the Apostolic Penitentiary granted to members of the Congregation of the Marian Fathers in perpetuum (Prot. Omnipotens sempiterne Deus, qui facis mirabilia magna solus: praetende super famulos tuos, et super congregationes illis commissas, spiritum gratiae salutaris; et, ut in veritate tibi complaceant, perpetuum eis rorem tuae benedictionis infunde. No 1281/11/I) the opportunity to gain on May 18th – the liturgical commemoration of Blessed Fr.

Indulgences, three hundred days each day, by assisting at a public function or performing the devotion in private, plenary indulgence on any day of the month or on one of the first eight days of June under the usual conditions (Pius VII, 21 March, 1815, for ten years; 18 June, 1822 in perpetuum). Pope Leo XIII (1878–1903): Granted a Plenary Indulgence to those who make Saint Louis De Montfort’s act of consecration to the Blessed Virgin. On his deathbed he renewed the act himself and invoked the heavenly aid of Saint Louis De Montfort, whom he had beatified in 1888. In addition, a plenary indulgence can be acquired twice a year in parish churches: on the feast of the church's titular saint and on August 2, when the "Portiuncula" occurs, or on some other more opportune day determined by the Ordinary.

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