Play Crackdown 2, Unlock Agent 4 For Perfect Dark Multiplayer: ---Pistols: Falcon 2 MagSec 4 Phoenix Mauler Shield---Automatics:Falcon 2 CMP150 Laptop Gun AR34 Shield---Power:MagSec 4 DY357 Shotgun RC-P120 Shield---FarSight:Phoenix Cyclone Callisto NTG

Double Falcon 2: Dropped by the shock trooper on the third floor down, next to the programmer's room. With an excess of 20 weapons to choose from, you'll always have the right firepower for the job. Velvet Dark (Co-op Buddy): Start the game. Keep moving -- standing still makes you an easy target for automatic weapons. Mission Select note: To unlock weapons on the pre-mission loadout screen, you'll need to find and keep them during missions. To use the Locktopus, stand in front of any locked object. A locked object can include but is not limited to a door and a ladder switch. Perfect Dark cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for N64.

Unlimited Ammo (No Reloads): Complete Air Base - Espionage under the Special Agent difficulty in under 3:11. Stand in a nearby room, find it with R, C-Up, and C-Down, then take it out with one shot. Read about how and when to utilise the weapons here. Unlimited Ammo (Laptop Sentry Gun): Complete Air Force One - Anti-Terrorism under the Perfect Agent difficulty in under 3:55. The Locktopus is a lock-picking gadget found in Perfect Dark Zero. If an enemy has a sentry gun active (laptop gun in its second mode), and you cannot seem to destroy it, just use an XR-20 Farsight with the target locator off.

Weapons Overview. Press Left or Right on the D-pad when "Unlock" appears to pull out the Locktopus. Perfect Dark Achievement Guide. Multi-player mode.

It is used to lock and unlock doors, pressure valves, ladder locks and weapon crates. The Laptop Gun, by the way, is most easily accessed by going up one of the yellowish tunnels (the same kind of texture used in the walls of Skedar Ruins in the solo mission) and about four or five of these all go into the center of the level, where a Laptop Gun and two boxes of ammunition are all yours for the taking. X-Ray Scanner: Complete Area 51 - Rescue under the Agent difficulty. dataDyne Central - Defection; Laptop Gun (PA): After holding up the programmer, allow him to run off to find help and he'll dash over to the elevators and open the locked door to the right. Unlock Perfect Darkness (new difficulty setting) by beating all solo missions in Perfect Agent. Unlimited Laptop gun ammunition: Successfully complete the Air Force One: Anti Terrorism level with a time less than 3:55 under the Perfect Agent difficulty setting.

Some of them , like infinite ammo - laptop gun sentry are a blast though, so if you are any good, you might want to go for the more fun ones. ^Cheats, if you want them, need to be unlocked seperately, would be the most work to unlock. Go inside the small room to find the Laptop Gun. Perfect Dark (N64) Cheats.

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