Johnston is a New Testament scholar, author, nationally syndicated radio host, apologist, a contributor for Fox News, and ministers internationally as President of Christian Thinkers Society. Jeremiah Johnson — not related in the character with the same name in the 1972 movie featuring Robert Redford — is a self-described prophet and apostolic overseer of Heart of the Father Ministry in Lakeland Florida. Jeremiah Johnson Ministries Grace Revolution Pastor at GracePoint Church 3185 Newtown Pike Georgetown Kentucky Worship Starts Every Sunday at 10:30 AM Join Jeremiah Johnson at the "AWAKE AMERICA" Conference held on April 17, 2020 in Lakeland, Florida. Pastor Jeremiah Johnson, another self-described “prophet” who said earlier this year that God wants Donald Trumpto sign an “Emancipation Proclamation”for abortion, said in a bizarre Facebook postthis week that there was a rat in the White House. Jeremiah’s desire is to help upgrade and enhance people’s encounter with Jesus through impartation, activation, and rooting and grounding this generation in the knowledge of God. EQUIP Equipping a prophetic generation is at the heart and center of the mandate God has given Jeremiah. Jeremiah gives a powerful word regarding the church that God is calling to arise in a … Jeremiah’s passion is working with local churches and pastors in equipping Christians to give intellectually … He also travels extensively throughout the USA and world as a gifted teacher and prophetic voice at churches and conferences.

J eremiah Johnson planted and is the apostolic overseer of Heart of the Father Ministry, a multi campus church in Lakeland and Winter Haven, FL. Jeremiah is known for his unique communication skills and his infectious love for people.

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