Preacher Curl vs Bicep Curl: Keep Your Weak Points in Mind. you DONT get bicep definition from doing concentration curls. The difference in grips for hammer curls vs bicep curls comes down to the hand positioning. this come from building the bicep then cutting the fat off the arm 07-03-2009, 01:01 PM #20 JBarsoum If you are able to control your curls and the weight, then you will most likely progress further with standard bicep curls. Let the arm hang down to start the exercise. Concentration curls develops the Biceps Brachii. A simple change in grip creates a significant change in the exercise, and muscles worked. Concentration Curls vs Standing Curls? Concentration curls work biceps brachii and allow for resistance in the contractd position. The legendary images of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler with brilliant arms and crazy-sized biceps inspired countless bodybuilders to make concentrated bicep lifting a major exercise in their arm training. To perform concentration curls, sit on a bench with a dumbbell in one hand. … When you stand and use a barbell, there is a tendency to "help" by bending the back, not lowering the weight all the way down, and so forth. Hammer curls work the brachialis and upper forearm. Go Back to EX LAB. Curl the dumbbell upwards towards your shoulder while keeping your upper arm still. With seated Concentration Curls,there is the lower side of the thigh position where you basically curl sideways,and then there's the variation where you're elbow is up against the upper part of you're thigh and you are curling from a straight ahead position.With this position,you can handle massively increased amounts of weight as oppossed to the "elbow against the lower part of you're … The concentration curl isolates the biceps and makes cheating nearly impossible. Lean slightly forward and place your elbow on the inside of your knee. Pause at the top position and slowly lower. The purpose of the "concentration" curl is to eliminate cheating. Both grips work in a lever-action and with a bicep curl, your hands are in the supinated position aka palms facing upward. The preacher curls will force you to focus on your form and staying strict.

If you don’t curl with good form, you will probably do better with preacher curls.
Dumbbell concentration curls are especially good if you want to isolate this muscle group. When i first started working on arms i did lots of chin ups, then i hit 20+ and went to Concentration curls and ez bar(80), i was able to max curl 62.5lbs(one 2.5 weight added only to one side :/). The difference, besides them working seperate muscle, is that you supinate the wrist (turn the thumb away from the body) in the concentration curl and you …

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