Snakes and lizards (Class Lepidosauromorpha) are now recognized as biologically distinct from turtles (Class Testudines) and have been placed in completely separate groups. Predators of the Northern Fence Lizard include snakes, birds, raccoons, opossums and even cats. Description: 4 - 7.25 in (10 - 18.5 cm). They can grow up to 7 inches and they enjoy warm and dry climates. u really should put it back wild caught reps hardly ever do well in captivity. Sceloporus graciosus graciosus - Northern Sagebrush Lizard (Stebbins 1966, 1985) Sceloporus graciosus graciosus - Sagebrush Lizard (Smith 1946) Conservation Issues (Conservation Status) This subspecies is listed as sensitive by the Bureau of Land Management. The curly-tailed lizard is a highly underrated pet. Wiki User 2013-05-15 18:47:16.

Apparently there are quite a few varieties of fence lizards out there, I tried to only include the ones that had to do with the Northern Fence Lizard. Here’s a helpful guide to keeping curly-tail lizards as pets. those that survive often have stress related behavior disorders get ill more often are harder to tame and have a shortened lifespan. The eastern fence lizard (Sceloporus undulatus) is a medium-sized species of lizard in the family Phrynosomatidae.The species is found along forest edges, rock piles, and rotting logs or stumps in the eastern United States.It is sometimes referred to as the prairie lizard, fence swift, gray lizard, northern fence lizard or pine lizard. It is also referred to colloquially as the horn-billed lizard. Get a Young Lizard. HERE ARE SOME HIGHLIGHTS: Naturally Occurring Out Of North America Ranging From Oregon, California, Nevada, And Western Utah All The Way Into Mexico; Adults Will Average In Sizes Around 7-8 Inches In Length ; With Proper Care These Lizards Can Live 5-10 Years In Captivity
I'm not sure how much different their care would be compared to the Eastern or Western kind.

When it comes to keeping lizards as pets, you simply can’t go wrong with the curly-tail.
Fence lizards are most commonly grayish in color, but may range from nearly black to brown. Hopefully some of those will help you out. Related Questions.

Northern Alligator Lizard Diet Fence Lizard Pet Care. This is what I do to tame my lizards, and it works like a charm: 1. Lizards. Asked in Lizards Are blue belly lizards poisonous? The beauty of the best method for taming a lizard is that it takes the least amount of effort—literally. Are northern fence lizards poisonous? Reptiles (formerly Class Reptilia) include about 3,700 kinds of lizards, 2,300 snakes, and 240 turtles and tortoises worldwide.

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